Judi Shekoni’s Halloween Costume Woes

Contact Music has some interesting info about Judi Shekoni who plays Zafrina:

“British actress JUDI SHEKONI’s new TWILIGHT role has solved her future Halloween headaches – she plans to dress up as her vampire character every year and hit parties as Zafrina.

The six-foot stunner admits she struggles to find a costume for her adopted Los Angeles trick or treating, and often gives up and simply stays at home on the spookiest night of the year.

She tells WENN, “It all overwhelms me. I’ve gone to the Santa Monica Boulevard Halloween parade and been a part of it all and then other times I’ve been like, ‘I’m just gonna stay home and watch a video’.”

See what Judi is planning this year and in the future because of Twilight.

Via TwilighttExaminer

The Examiner also had a great story on how other Twilight stars are celebrating Halloween. Check it out!

MTV: Which New Breaking Dawn Actors Have Breakout Potential

With so many new actors, many of which are hardly household names, joining the Breaking Dawn Cast, MTV examines which have immediate big potential to use the PR from Twilight as a PR launch.

“Last summer, no one knew who Xavier Samuel was. Then he was cast as the vampire Riley in “Eclipse” and suddenly found himself an object of fascination in the “Twilight” community.

Now a new crop of actors, many of whom are largely unknown, have joined the franchise for “Breaking Dawn,” the two-part finale of the supernatural series. Summit Entertainment announced on Wednesday that the studio had cast the members of the Amazon, Egyptian, Irish and Romanian vampire covens and the American and European nomads. Following on the heels of Samuel in “Eclipse,” which of these folks might become the fresh breakout stars of “Breaking Dawn”?”

MTV’s article picked their top four:  Lee Pace, Noel Fisher, Judi Shekoni, and Lee Anderson.  Check it out on MTV. Do you agree with their choices?

The Amazon Coven as Red-Eyed Vampires

Adonis has given us some more red-eyed vampire makeovers. This time it’s the Amazon Coven’s turn!

Tracey Heggins as Senna

Judi Shekoni as Zafrina

Now if you want more information on what projects of Judi and Tracey you should focus on, check out Twilight From a Different Point of View. They have an excellent article up featuring these two ladies and their work!