The Eclispe Cast on Jimmy Kimmel

There is a series of at least six more videos on the Jimmy Kimmel site. Below is where the people who won tickets to a prescreening from the Lexicon got a surprise from Jimmy Kimmel.


  1. arazcal says:

    Where to start? This was such a huge let down for me! I’d really been looking forward to this special- but turns out it was anything but. Jimmy Kimmel had a chance to seriously interview most of the primary cast(a rare feat in it’s self to get so many together in one place at the same time) and what does he do?- blows it. Do we really need to see the cast of the “Joi-Zee Shore” in a skit depicting the series? Please..spare me and my eyes not to mention my ears. and was anyone else offended for Taylor having to sit there and watch as his character, Jake, was portrayed as licking himself. I’m all for a good parody but COME ON!…and what about Jimmy taking the “action figures” and pulling their pants down to see what they were packing. IMO this was a waste of the actor’s time and such a waste for us fans. What could have been an hour celebrating the series was just a joke. Kimmel wasn’t funny and you could see the cast cringing- they weren’t alone. πŸ™

    • Totally agree! Very well put.

      • I agree that many of the stuff he did was pretty stupid..especially that Jersey Shore crap. I’m not a Kimmel fan and he was pretty much what I expected. I guess since I prepared myself mentally I wasn’t let down. But I got to see them all (and didn’t Rob look great?!) so I wasn’t unhappy. πŸ™‚

    • EXACTLY!!! I was so disappointed. I thought the fan questions were terrible too. Come up with some good questions guys!!!

      Then he brings out a few of the wolf pack with a couple min left in the show to what… watch him tell jokes? I thought it was very much a waste of the actors time. I usually like the Kimmel interviews with them so I was really looking forward to this, but I wasn’t entertained.

    • Ashley S. says:

      I completely agree! Taylor put up with a lot of crap in that interview. I’m sure it was embarrassing for him. I really felt for him. I was thinking about how young he is and to have to sit there while Jimmy Kimmel kept showing the doll with the pants pulled down…Ugh!

  2. Where were Kellan and Jackson? I missed them!

  3. Honestly, it was a decent primetime special, but I wouldn’t have missed anything if I hadn’t seen it. I didn’t notice Jackson or Kellan, and Jimmy’s interviewing and questions were…. well lets’s just say Jimmy is no Oprah.

  4. KSmithGray says:

    Bryce was sort of intrusive during her group’s questions.

    And poor Kristen, having to try to field that question about Rob looking sexy. If she’d just say he’s hot either way or something like that instead of refusing to answer, no one would think anything was up

    • The real problem is the question itself, along with the one asked to Taylor about taking off his shirt. Both questions is why I am getting tired of all this Twihard crap. I am a big fan and I love watching this stuff, but I wish people would live the actors alone. The only question on there that was an appropriate question was the last one. Bea fan don’t be an Ass. Leave the actors and their personal life alone, because if people keep asking these questions the actors are going to get sick of it and never do stuff like this again and I would not blame them. I know several questions I would have asked. Like….

      Which one of you finds it the hardest to relate with your character?

      For those of you who have red the books, do you feel that the movies are hold true to them?

      As Actors, do you coach each other one how you think the characters would interact with each other.

      Are there moments in the filming process where you stop and refer to the book to see how the scene is suppose to go to get a better feel of it?

      This are the questions we should be asking not the stupid ones like…

      Can you guys kiss for me?
      Can I see your Abs?
      Would you bite me?
      Would you marry me?

      Seriously people you are getting sad.

      • Man I just reread what I wrote and I want to say…Sorry for all the spelling and grammar mistakes I just woke up. LOL

      • Jeremy, I love your post. The reason everyone thinks that only giggly teen girls who love abs are Twilight fans is because that’s the only ones people see! The best cast interviews are the ones where the interviewer is seriously interested in the movie and respectful of the actor/actress.

        I thought Oprah was much better. At least she was honestly interested in what they had to say. I will say that I think all of them-Rob, Kristen and Taylor especially-handled it very well considering.

      • I love your questions. Those are what true fans want to hear answered- not to mention- what cast members would appreciate being asked. If I’m bored to death with all the trite fluff they are repeatedly asked I can’t imagine how the cast feels being on the receiving end of such questions.
        I’m crossing my fingers that at some point before the series is completed or if/when the series becomes a complete deluxe boxed set there will be some kind of DVD commentary that gives the fans what they want to see. Insightful, intelligent one on one with the cast members or in their respective groupings (i.e. Vamps, Wolves and Humans). πŸ˜‰

      • I completey agree! That stupid girl that asked Taylor to take his shirt off…he is a human being, not a peice of meet! Have some decency

  5. Ok so the fan questions were embarrassing.. seriously.
    But the interview thing, I liked it although the camera time each cast member got was short. Jimmy Kimmel is funny if you’ve ever watched his shows… of course he’s not gonna be an Oprah. That’s how he is.

    One part that caught my attention was when Jimmy said to Bryce if she was like the best Victoria or whatever and she was like “No no please don’t say that”… I feel so bad for her. It’s like she’s scared of the fans. That is seriously embarrassing.

    • You know, I got real embarassed for BDH because after Jimmy Kimmel made that comment, the crowd got real quiet for a long second; like no one knew what to say.

    • I see that I am not the only one who is sick of all the same questions: who does Kristen think kisses better, can we see Taylor’s abs, Taylor’s meat patty eating, are Rob and Kristen dating, etc… etc.. etc. Then we get Moviefone who let’s the fans submit questions, and they too, pick the same questions.

      I would love SOMEONE to interview the cast with real questions. I would want to know if Kellan
      Emmett) and Nikki (Rosalie) got to have a special talant like Jasper, Alice, Jane, etc: what gift would they like to have?

      I also noticed that NONE of the humans were there. I would have loved to hear their opinions on and about the movie.

  6. I don’t know why, but this Jimmy Kimmel did not air in my area last night…..I had something different. I was so bummed!

  7. I was dissappointed that the wolfpack,which mind you were only three of them there were not apart of the Q&A segment.It would of been nice to hear what they had to say about the whole filming process of the movie. I would have liked to hear about Julia Jones expierience on being the only female in the wolfpack or if they(wolfpack)ribbed her in any way to welcome her in…

    These are questions i was hoping for and the questions that were asked…WOW…is all i can say!!!

    • I agree with you. What’s up with treating the Wolf Pack members like they are second class citizens? As if that storyline doesn’t have a place to be featured. I, too, would have liked to have seen them up on the dais for the majority of the show with the other cast members instead- we get them trotted out at 9:50 p.m. with 10 minutes remaining.
      I wanted to howl with frustration…:(

  8. twilightbabe says:

    I thought the special was alright but coulda been better. Why do he even have some of the wolfpack come out at the last five minutes? They didn’t even get a chance to say anything! Boo! And those fan questions…ugh. This is the best we can come with people? That girl with the question for Taylor about his abs… He’s prolly so tired of that. I don’t blame him. He aint a piece of meat..god yall! And was with that crap bout a new clip? Just a montage of stuf we’ve seen with a second of sumfin new in there. Can’t wait for the movie regardless. Only a week..woo hoo!

  9. Overall, I was pretty disappointed. More inane questions and just not very funny. It looked like Rob and Taylor were taken aback and uncomfortable with the dolls when Kimmel showed them with their pants down. I mean what were they supposed to say to that! It was stupid, might appeal to 11-12 year old boys, but not to the audience that was there and watching from home. I feel like it was a waste of everyone’s time and I can only imagine that Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the rest of the cast must be really fed up with this B.S. They are all so much more intelligent than most of their interviewers; I think it must be so difficult for them to “suffer these fools gladly”.

  10. I agree with each comment that has been made so far. I do not think it was terrible, but it could have been so much better. What a fantastic gift to have so many cast members in one place, but it seemed wasted. I mean what was the point of (I am sorry I can’t think of their real names) Sam, Leah, and Paul being there. They step out at the last min. just to make an appearance, what is that about? Jimmy has good comic timing and I do feel that he asked some good questions, learned more about Kristen and Taylor’s traveling, etc.

    Comments to arazcal:
    I very much agree with you. That parody (if we can even call it that) was embarrassing beyond belief (and not to mention offensive, poor Taylor), and a complete waste of time. And I do not think the action figures needed to come out at all, they were from NM they are not exactly “new” or interesting (and certainly didn’t need to have their pants pulled down, how insulting)

    Comments to Jeremy:
    The “fan” questions were sort of random. I mean everyone should know that Taylor is not going to take his shirt off. However I do think that Taylor could have answered that better, he had a whole cast who could “vouch” for his abs and their “authenticity” without him taking his shirt off. I also agree that their personal lives are not our business. Did they really expect Kristen to kiss either Taylor or Rob “on screen”? I did find it pretty funny that Kristen pushed Taylor and Rob together, it just showed how ridiculous the situation was. I think you had great questions. I have been really annoyed with people doing interviews of the cast members. The same questions over and over, even when it seems that they get a huge selection of great questions for fans, they still pick stupid questions to ask.

  11. I’m just going to say I agree with everyone.

  12. I live in Norway, so I can’t see anything on ABC’s site, but it doesn’t seem like I missed something. I looked forward to this, too, but from the tapes I can see it was wasted… Rare to have so many from the cast there, so why not use it? Kimmel used it in the wrong way for sure, and they probably picked out the most unserious questions just to get some howling from the crowd… And it also makes the twi-fans/hards seem like appearance-judging idiots for those who aren’t fans. Why couldn’t they used it to get more info when everyone where there??? Argh.

    Agreeing with practially every comment here…

    • You mentioned,..”And it also makes the twi-fans/hards seem like appearance-judging idiots for those who aren’t fans.”
      Thank you for pointing out something that I was missing. It’s hard enough to find something that you truly connect with and begin to follow. Then you get people who have no idea why something has a huge loyal fan base and they tune into this “special” and get a total misrepresentation of what the Saga is about and why it’s beloved by so many. It makes the Saga come off as if it’s comical, silly and only appeals to teenage girls- 3 things I hate being said about the series. “Specials” like this one make us look bad as fans… and that’s what I have a problem with. Stephanie created a world that is richly descriptive, rings true to so many and is thought provoking- the actors work tirelessly to bring the characters and story to life only to have it subtly mocked- let’s face it, that’s what happened last night.
      I get it that some don’t “get it” and that’s cool… but I have a huge problem when we are regarded and labeled as a “rabid, frenzied fan base” when we object to what we deem offensive, redundant, ridiculous and insulting regarding the Saga we love. πŸ™‚

  13. I totally agree with everyone’s comments about the lame, pointless fan questions. And it’s always people like that who win or get picked. That’s the reason why everyone thinks Twilight fans are just airhead teeny-boppers. Sad.

  14. The fan q’s weren’t very good, but the Party in the USA stuff was great and so was the racoon that attacked Xavier. I was laughing so hard through the whole show. It was really funny.

    • it’s probably coming off in my comments above that I hated the show but I really did think that Taylor and Rob were funny. You are right about the “Party” comment(Rob got Taylor again) and did ya catch the comment Rob made about the wolves having had to be castrated to be shown in the film?!- “no wolves were allowed to have their genetalia showing” the look on Taylor’s face when Rob said that- priceless! I almost fell off my couch πŸ˜‰

  15. i thought the stuff with the cast was very entertaining, i really enjoyed hearing their stories and seeing them interacting with one another. i, too was cracking up at rob, taylor, peter, etc.
    the fan questios were another story. i was embarrassed just watching them. the only question that was a good one was the very last one. other than that, i think the show would have been much better without that segment!

  16. I just have to say, Rob, read the damn books.

  17. I love how Taylor’s afraid of sharks and played shark boy. What kind of coupon was Jimmy talking about?

  18. switzy4ever14 says:

    That was pathetic. Glad I didn’t watch it.

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