Peter Facinelli on Jimmy Kimmel

Peter Facinelli flew to LA to do Jimmy Kimmel to do his show before rejoining his family in NYC for Thanksgiving.


  1. Happy Birthday to Peter and Happy Thanksgiving Twilighters!!

  2. Happy Birthday Peter!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all the Twilighters out there.

  3. Happy Birthday Peter!!!!! <3 <3 <3
    That was too funny!!!

  4. CantanteDiEdward says:

    Aww, he’s such a good guy!

    Love him. Greatest, cutest and funniest guy ever.

  6. Ahahahaha! Ahh, he never ceases to amuse me.

  7. Happy Birthday to our dear Carlisle! Peter is so hilarious!


  1. […] Peter Facinelli flew to LA for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! before rejoining his family for Thanksgiving in NYC. Thanks Twilight Lexicon! […]

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