Ashley Greene on Jimmy Kimmel

Ashley Greene appears on Kimmel and talks about her Florida Gators love, and even Marlow (her dog) is a fan!


  1. Is he always this patronizing? Does he realize that she plays Alice or does he just think she’s incapable of talking about her role?

    • Jay Leno’s a comedian so he has to kind of make fun of it and I thought it was nice to hear more about her and less of her telling us what we already know about Alice.

  2. Well the roles and everything have already been discussed in several interviews before the premiere, so i kind of like this interview.
    It must be something new for her too, that she doesn’t have to explain her role for the 30th time. She isnt so much promoting the movie as she is just there to promote herself.

    And Jake is just a cutie. I watched his interview too, and the guy is funny 😀

  3. I love Ashley, well the whole cast realy, they are all soooo sweet and give great interviews. Its is nice to see a little of herself rather than answering the same old questions over and over again.

  4. Ashley is so hot. Her interview was awesome. I just made a huge poster of her lol Go team edward

  5. love her.

  6. She’s so lovely.

  7. Ashley is a classic beauty in every sense of the word. She could have made it big during the forties. That’s how much class the girl has!

    Love her so much!!!

  8. i absolutely love ashley! she is by far my favorite cast member. she is so talented and down to earth. i can’t wait to see what else she does after the twilight saga!

  9. I love Ashley, and Alice is one of my favorite characters (besides Bella). I get that she speaks a lot about her role as Alice, I just think that some interviewers and host are a bit lazy and don’t ask the really interesting questions about the role. To be honest, I think any of us who read this website would ask more interesting questions about the role that the usual fare presented to her.

  10. OMG!!!!!! did u guys see her shoes? they are like wow…..i love ashley she is very sweet and down to earth

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