Frances Fisher Surprised By The Host Fanbase

E! chatted with Frances Fisher who plays Maggie in The Host.

“I have no idea what people’s sensibilities are, but Stephenie Meyer has a finger on a pulse of the youth of this country, of the world actually,” Frances Fisher, who plays Saoirse Ronan’s character’s aunt Maggie in the movie, told us.

“When I started tweeting that I was doing this I was getting responses from France, South America and Russia,” she said of the film’s hype. “There’s so many people already who are aware of The Host.”

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Frances Fisher Tweets from The Host Set in New Mexico

Frances Fisher, who plays Maggie, tweeted the featured photo using her IPhone just as the cast and crew were playing beat the clock to get a scene in before a thunderstorm rolled in. I asked her on Twitter how hot it was out there in the New Mexican desert and surprisingly she said only 80 degrees. So it’s hot , but at least on that day they weren’t roasting! Here are some more of her recent tweets:

Andrew Niccol’s adaptation is true to the book

On the thunderstorm: We were scrambling 2 finish b4 the rain came!

When she is filming until(minus possible reshoots of course): April 27

I read the book after I read the script.

@SaoirseRonan is an amazing talent, and a darling young lady

Stephenie Meyer has a wild imagination

Frances Fisher and William Hurt Confirmed as The Host Cast Members

Stephenie Meyer just updated her website today with this bit of The Host Casting news.

The Host begins filming this coming Monday the thirteenth, and I am so excited. It’s somewhat of a dream to have the creator and director of my favorite sci-fi film (Gattaca) helming this movie. I love the script he’s written, I love his beautiful vision, and I love working with him.

I also can’t say strongly enough how thrilled I am with our cast. The talent involved is unbelievable. We’ve been so blessed/lucky/kissed-by-fate all throughout the casting process. Wanda/Melanie is a very complicated role, and for a long time one of our biggest worries in the producer camp was finding an actress who could bring those two distinct personalities to life. And then Saoirse came along and we all quit worrying. If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching her act, I highly recommend her recent release, Hanna. Actually, watch her in anything she’s done and you’ll see what I mean. After Saoirse joined us, amazing actor after amazing actor signed on until none of us could believe our good fortune. Just the other day I got to meet William Hurt (!!) in full Jeb beard and hair, and it kind of choked me up. He looks amazing—they all look amazing!—and I can’t wait to see them in action next week.

Another incredible addition to our cast—one which I believe I’m the first to announce—Maggie will be played by the wonderful Frances Fisher. Welcome, Frances, I couldn’t be happier that you’ve chosen to join us!

Frances Fisher is probably best remembered as playing Kate Winslet’s mother in Titanic.

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