Frances Fisher Tweets from The Host Set in New Mexico

Frances Fisher, who plays Maggie, tweeted the featured photo using her IPhone just as the cast and crew were playing beat the clock to get a scene in before a thunderstorm rolled in. I asked her on Twitter how hot it was out there in the New Mexican desert and surprisingly she said only 80 degrees. So it’s hot , but at least on that day they weren’t roasting! Here are some more of her recent tweets:

Andrew Niccol’s adaptation is true to the book

On the thunderstorm: We were scrambling 2 finish b4 the rain came!

When she is filming until(minus possible reshoots of course): April 27

I read the book after I read the script.

@SaoirseRonan is an amazing talent, and a darling young lady

Stephenie Meyer has a wild imagination


  1. Many don’t realize this but in the desert the temperature can drop 20 degrees or more if a thunderstorm rolls in — especially if its mountain desert. Many people vacationing in Santa Fe are taken by surprise. They would be in tank tops, a storm would come in and then they’d be left shivering. So 80 degrees does not surprise me.

  2. smitten_by_twilight says:

    It’s a beautiful pic, but sadly looks like no part of the Tucson-Phoenix area that I am aware of (I’m a Tucson native). And 80 is typical of March-April temps in the Southwest, we generally hold off on 100-degree weather until at least May.

  3. I live here in Santa Fe New Mexico, the thing is we are a high desert so it gets cold and we actually get snow as well

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