Check Out These Bonus Clips From The Host

The Host releases on DVD on July 9, 2013. You can win a free DVD over at the HDR room. Also check out these a bonus clip and 3 scenes that we were just sent over.

Review of The Host by Three Fans of the Novel

Three fans of The Host (the novel) and Twilight (the books and movies) reviewed The Host over on Hypable. Our opinions were mixed. If we had to give the film letter grades we gave the movie an A, B, and C.

We all liked the way the script was close to the novel, and thought the performances especially by Saoirse Ronan, William Hurt, and Chandler Canterbury were outstanding. We also felt like the Melanie and Jared relationship had chemistry and was plausible. Additionally, the heavy voiceover worked and was timed with perfect facial reaction. We didn’t mind the contacts on Saoirse Ronan, we felt her facial reactions weren’t compromised. We also liked the humorous and snarky tone overall.

On the other hand, we disliked the movie stylization of the Seekers both the shiny silver vehicles, the white costuming, and strange footwear, as well as the perfume atomizer-like sprays. There was also a key moment when we felt Diane Kruger’s seeker was out of character in her actions in a scene with a gun. We also felt the Ian and Wanda relationship was rushed, that the time frame was too compacted. Check out what each person had to say.


The Host HIt Theatres Last Night; Did you see it?

stephenie premiere

Did you see The Host last night? What did you think. Share your opinion with fellow fans.


Tickets For Stephenie Meyer’s The Host on sale starting tomorrow

We just got the heads up that the tickets for The Host will be on sale tomorrow.  The movie opens on March 29

Updated: Stephenie Meyer Master List The Host Book Signings Feb and March 2013

EDITED: Since we first published this more dates and details are available.  MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FINE PRINT!!!! Every site is different. Some sites it’s a ticket preorder, others it’s a wristband distribution the day of. Make sure you understand the details of the site you are looking into!


OK folks We’ve made some inquiries via official channels and we should have a completed list (or nearly completed) by tomorrow of all the places Stephenie is appearing along with The Host actors Max Irons (Jared) and Ian (Jake Abel).

Each site has it’s own, unique ticketing procedure. So PLEASE make sure you read carefully the rules for your city! Here is what we have so far and we will update this as we get more.   The basic rules for these signing events seem to be as follows (but there is some variation site-to-site SO CHECK THE FINE PRINT each site!!!!!):

  • Stephenie will ONLY sign books – no  pictures, posters, CDs, t-shirts, or memorabilia. [Lexicon Note: This means books she actually wrote not off topic books like unauthorized bios.  Therefore this means The Host, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Bree Tanner, The Complete Illustrated Twilight Guide. We’re pretty sure it would not include movie books since she didn’t actually write those they were instead written about her creation(hoping we’re making sense here). We are uncertain if graphic novels count.]
  • Only customers who purchase a copy of THE HOST from the location holding the event will receive a complimentary THE HOST movie poster for stars Max Irons and Jake Abel who are accompanying Stephenie on this signing tour to sign.
  • Stephenie will personalize THE HOST only (with first names only). Previous books will receive a signature without personalization.
  • Stephenie will sign up to two books PER PERSON.
  • Photographs are allowed; however, there will be no posed pictures during the signing. [Lexicon note: this means make friends with the person in back of you on line and get them to snap a photo of you as she signs and offer to do the same for them]

February 19 Coral Gables, Florida  3:00-6:00

February 21 Washington, DC  12:00-3:00

February 22 Philadelphia, PA  11:00-3:00

February 25 Vancouver (Note the rules, and no guarantee! Get there EARLY!!!!)

March 1-6 (or so) events in Europe, details TBA

March 11 Naperville, IL Anderson’s Bookshop 2:00-5:00

March 12 Dallas, TX  Barnes and Noble Lincoln Park 2:00-5:00  DALLAS Details on the store’s Facebook: NOTE THE CONDITIONS!

March 15 Los Angeles, The Grove Barnes and Noble 2:00-5:00 NOTE the rules on wristbands!



The Lexicon is also looking for volunteers from each site to act as an unofficial Lex “reporter”. If you are interested in taking notes during the Q&A at each event and relaying this back to us or shooting a video we can embed (store permitting) email us at [email protected]. So far we have Philly covered because Laura will be there, but we need people in other locations.




Video: Q & A From The Host PreScreening in Miami

The folks over at The Host Movie Fans were there and were able to record the Q & A

Video: Max Irons and Jake Abel Talk The Host on FOX

Jake Able and Max Irons popped by the FOX affiliate in Atlanta to chat about The Host

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

Saoirse Ronan of The Host hits InStyle

According to InStyle:

You may remember her from dramas like The Lovely Bones and Atonement—the role that scored her an Oscar nomination at 13!—and, now 18, Saoirse Ronan (“pronounced ‘SIR-shuh,’ like ‘inertia,’” she says of her Gaelic name) is still casting her charming spell on screen and off. “I’m old enough to have a Guinness in Ireland, but what I really want is a driver’s license so I can get an ’80s BMW like my dad had,” the Irish actress told us when she posed in this season’s most bewitching looks (like this satin Reed Krakoff dress) for InStyle’s Oz-covered March issue. Up next, you’ll see her in the big-screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s sci-fi thriller, The Host, in theaters March 29th. ”There’s a lot of kissing with co-stars Max Irons and Jake Abel, which sounds a bit sleazy, but it’s only because I’m playing two characters,” she says. “At least that’s the excuse I’m going with.” To find out more about Ronan, flip to page 532 on InStyle‘s March issue. On the go? Download it on your tablet!

Stephenie Meyer Gives Thumbs Up to Chandler Canterbury, William Hurt and MacKenzie Foy

As many of you may know, Laura also writes for She had the opportunity to interview Stephenie yesterday and ask her about cast members in The Host aside from the three leads: Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, and Jake Able.  Specially she asked about pivotal fan favorite characters from The Host Uncle Jeb and Jamie and working with the actors who portray them.


Hypable: Recently you have had the opportunity to work with some very young actors who play key roles in your story lines. Mackenzie Foy played Renesmee in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2? and Chandler Canterbury plays Jamie in ‘The Host.’ Both are really pivotal roles. What was it like working with these young actors?

He’s fantastic. We’ve been so lucky, because – they always say never work with children or animals. But we keep doing that. Both of those two young actors – who’ve actually worked together before – we ended up getting these little adults who are very serious about their craft and completely understand what they’re doing. It’s not a situation with stage parents, these are kids who love acting and really enjoy it. And Chandler, he’s adorable but he’s also very very gifted. You just buy him and his feelings. They’re there.

There’s a scene with him and Wanda and the relationship between them feels so real. I remember Andrew [director Andrew Niccol] was just amazed because he was crying in the scene, and he said, “It’s like that kid can actually control his teardrops and make them stop on his cheek at the perfect spot.” He’s just extremely talented and it’s wonderful to have him in this post-apocalyptic world where everything is very serious. Having a child puts everything in perspective. For me, as a mom, it makes you take their situation so much more seriously when you see a child, and a child suffering in this world that they live in now. So I’m really grateful we found someone as good as him and he wanted to do it, because he’s amazing to have.

Check out the rest on Hypable, and in a bit of shameless self promotion follow Hypable for all your non-Stephenie Meyer related news.   Hypable covers Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Glee, the hottest new YA book releases and much much more!

Prescreening Info for All Cities For The Host: Miami, DC, Philly, Chicago, Minneapolis #thehost

Along with the book signings, there are also going to be pre-screenings and Q & A’s in some select cities that loosely parallel the book signing tour stops (totally separate events info here). NOTE: These are separate events from the signings! if you want to do both you need tickets to both!


Feb 18 evening, Miami pre-screening followed by Q & A with Stephenie, Max Irons, and Jake Abel Get your passes here limited number when they are out they are out!

Feb 20 evening, DC area pre-screening followed by Q & A with Stephenie, Max Irons, and Jake Abel Click on this link and enter the RSVP code- FC77FZ.

Feb 21 evening, Philly area pre-screening followed by Q & A with Stephenie, Max Irons, and Jake Abel Get your passes here and enter code TWILEX8GQK limited number when they are out they are out!

March 1-6 (or so) some European appearances exactly what this entails TBA

March 8 Minneapolis (Bloomington) area pre-screening followed by Q & A with Stephenie, Max Irons, and Jake Abel Get your passes here limited number when they are out they are out

March 9 Chicago area pre-screening followed by Q & A with Stephenie, Max Irons, and Jake Abel. Get your passes here. When they are out they are out.

Rules/Conditions that we have picked up upon reading the fine print:


  • BE THERE EARLY! With these kinds of things they usually overbook because there are generally no-shows. First come equals first served and best seats. And yes I know this means it’s COLD!!! Dress warmly!!!!!!!! There is a possibility that you won’t get in if there are zero no shows.
  • There is no photo or video. Generally at these types of things they check bags. Leave this stuff in your car.

  • Also they generally make you leave your phones in your car or they provide a station to check them because of the video capability of smart phones.
  • D