The Cast of The Host Visits A Dallas Children’s Hospital Radio Program and Sing Justin Bieber

Yes you read that correctly, Max Irons, Chandler Canterbury, and Jake Abel sing Justin Bieber. This is just adorable. You can’t watch the cast of The Host here and not smile!

Jake Abel and Max Irons The Host Fansite Q & A #thehost

Max Irons and Jake Abel answer the fansite’s questions about the The Host! Mild spoilers.

Video: Max Irons Talks to FOX LA About The Host

Max Irons talks to FOX LA about the Host

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17 Minute Video: Chandler Canterbury, Jake Abel, and Max Irons Discuss The Host

This is the first time we have heard from Chandler about his role.

Video:Fans and Stephenie Meyer Prank Jake Abel and Max Irons @MrJakeAbel

We just have to say well done on this one, well done.

Jake Abel and Max Irons Chat The Host on Chicago Morning TV 2 Videos

Check out Jake Abel and Max Irons on TV yesterday morning in Chicago.

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Max Irons Talks About Learning to Drive on the Set of The Host

saoirse and Max the hostSince most American teenagers learn to drive at around 16, it might seem odd that Max Irons didn’t learn until his mid-20’s

I wasn’t scared of the fight scenes but I was terrified of crashing a car and hurting Saoirse (Ronan, his co-star). I’d never actually driven before. I was put in a World War II jeep and told to drive across this range in the desert as fast as I could. I did it, which was pretty bad, and then when I got back, they put Saoirse in the car next to me and said: ‘Now do it again.’ I could see her dad eyeballing me in my peripheral vision. All I could think about was what the hell would happen if I crashed and something happened to her.

Check out the rest of Max’s interview in The Daily Mail.

Video: Max Irons and Jake Abel Talk The Host on FOX

Jake Able and Max Irons popped by the FOX affiliate in Atlanta to chat about The Host

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Max Irons of The Host Makes VH1’s Actors Headed to the A-List

Check out the full list on VH1 here.

Here is what they had to say about Max:

Max Irons may come from A-List pedigree (dad is actor Jeremy Irons but he’s about to break out on his own thanks to his starring role in the sci-fi thriller The Host.

Viedo: Meet Jared Howe from The Host

Here’s a new video focusing on the character of Jared Howe from Stephenie Meyer’s The Host with behind the scene footage and an interview with Max Irons.