Frances Fisher Surprised By The Host Fanbase

E! chatted with Frances Fisher who plays Maggie in The Host.

“I have no idea what people’s sensibilities are, but Stephenie Meyer has a finger on a pulse of the youth of this country, of the world actually,” Frances Fisher, who plays Saoirse Ronan’s character’s aunt Maggie in the movie, told us.

“When I started tweeting that I was doing this I was getting responses from France, South America and Russia,” she said of the film’s hype. “There’s so many people already who are aware of The Host.”

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  1. Movie people live in bubbles I suppose! lol They are so into making movies they arent aware of what is going on in the smaller universe around them. 🙂 Where do they think thier pocket change comes from? again lol

  2. Please believe me when I say I am a loyal fan and I mean no disrespect at all… but I’m a bit confused about why is The Host content here?….I really wish this site would remain purely for Twilight related stories.

  3. 37, married, no kids, and really looking forward to this movie!
    Loved the book!
    I too, wish there where more SM stories out there 🙂

    p.s. – this site rocks!

  4. What would a director’s cut aslompcich? How about releasing from its hostage state the end of the film, the part I MOST wanted to see of the whole damn book, and which I’m *still* waiting to see .I refuse to buy a copy of the DVD which does not have this end. I think it was a terrible move that they didn’t release this end on the DVD, when they already knew that they weren’t making another film .I’m saddened to hear that New Line is the one responsible, and bad that I had blamed Weitz before about the ending cut, etc .but yeah, more than anything I want to see Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman have their scene, and it frustrates me so much that the material/footage is out there, and yet we have no access to it for the forseeable future .


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