Chandler Canterbury on Playing Jamie Stryder

Chandler Canterbury talks about the set, who he looked up to, and what his favorite scene was on The Host.

On Set Video: Chandler Canterbury on Playing Jamie and Working With Saoirse Ronan

Check out what the youngest performer on The Host had to say!

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This is the first time we have heard from Chandler about his role.

Stephenie Meyer Gives Thumbs Up to Chandler Canterbury, William Hurt and MacKenzie Foy

As many of you may know, Laura also writes for She had the opportunity to interview Stephenie yesterday and ask her about cast members in The Host aside from the three leads: Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, and Jake Able.  Specially she asked about pivotal fan favorite characters from The Host Uncle Jeb and Jamie and working with the actors who portray them.


Hypable: Recently you have had the opportunity to work with some very young actors who play key roles in your story lines. Mackenzie Foy played Renesmee in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2? and Chandler Canterbury plays Jamie in ‘The Host.’ Both are really pivotal roles. What was it like working with these young actors?

He’s fantastic. We’ve been so lucky, because – they always say never work with children or animals. But we keep doing that. Both of those two young actors – who’ve actually worked together before – we ended up getting these little adults who are very serious about their craft and completely understand what they’re doing. It’s not a situation with stage parents, these are kids who love acting and really enjoy it. And Chandler, he’s adorable but he’s also very very gifted. You just buy him and his feelings. They’re there.

There’s a scene with him and Wanda and the relationship between them feels so real. I remember Andrew [director Andrew Niccol] was just amazed because he was crying in the scene, and he said, “It’s like that kid can actually control his teardrops and make them stop on his cheek at the perfect spot.” He’s just extremely talented and it’s wonderful to have him in this post-apocalyptic world where everything is very serious. Having a child puts everything in perspective. For me, as a mom, it makes you take their situation so much more seriously when you see a child, and a child suffering in this world that they live in now. So I’m really grateful we found someone as good as him and he wanted to do it, because he’s amazing to have.

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Kyle O’Shea and Jamie Stryder Almost Cast for The Host

According to Variety:

Chandler Canterbury and Boyd Holbrook are in final negotiations to round out the cast of Open Road Films’ “The Host,” an adaptation of “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer’s popular sci-fi novel.

Canterbury will play Ronan’s younger brother, who she goes on an arduous journey to find, while Holbrook will play Abel’s macho brother.< He (Canterbury) has appeared in David Fincher's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and Alex Proyas' "Knowing," and will soon be seen in D.J. Caruso's "The Goats," as well as the indie "Plastic Jesus." Holbrook, who recently played Kevin Costner's son in History Channel's "Hatfields & McCoys," has appeared in Gus Van Sant's "Milk" and Vera Farmiga's "Higher Ground."

Although the variety article does not mention the parts by name, anyone who has read the book knows that they are obviously referring to the parts of Jamie (Melanie’s brother) and Kyle (Ian’s brother)