Saoirse gets a fan award and reveals what characters take on the human resistance

The award was given to Saoirse by our friends over at Strictly Robsten.

Saoirse Ronan also tweeted about it.

On Set Video: Saoirse Ronan on Why She Picked to Work on The Host

Saoirse Ronan Is the March Girl Crush on Pink and Black Magazine


Pink and Black Magazine just named Saoirse Ronan their March Girl crush:

During the month in which we celebrate all that is green and lucky, our March Girl Crush is fittingly the talented Irish beauty and upcoming star of The Host, Saoirse Ronan.

After earning an Academy Award nomination at age 13, Saoirse (now 18-years-old) has joined the ranks of Hollywood’s elite whose names you’re probably mispronouncing. In many interviews, Saoirse (pronounced SIR-sha) good-naturedly explains how to pronounce her unique moniker, which means “freedom” in Gaelic.

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Saoirse Ronan on Graham Norton to plug The Host

Check out Graham Norton on BBC and BBC America (note BBC America lags behind the UK in timing of episodes)

Saoirse Ronan of The Host hits InStyle

According to InStyle:

You may remember her from dramas like The Lovely Bones and Atonement—the role that scored her an Oscar nomination at 13!—and, now 18, Saoirse Ronan (“pronounced ‘SIR-shuh,’ like ‘inertia,’” she says of her Gaelic name) is still casting her charming spell on screen and off. “I’m old enough to have a Guinness in Ireland, but what I really want is a driver’s license so I can get an ’80s BMW like my dad had,” the Irish actress told us when she posed in this season’s most bewitching looks (like this satin Reed Krakoff dress) for InStyle’s Oz-covered March issue. Up next, you’ll see her in the big-screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s sci-fi thriller, The Host, in theaters March 29th. ”There’s a lot of kissing with co-stars Max Irons and Jake Abel, which sounds a bit sleazy, but it’s only because I’m playing two characters,” she says. “At least that’s the excuse I’m going with.” To find out more about Ronan, flip to page 532 on InStyle‘s March issue. On the go? Download it on your tablet!

Video: Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Jake Abel Chat with MTV

Josh Horowitz landed an interview with th ethree stars of The Host and speculated about the possibility of their movie reaching Twilight Saga status.

Saoirse Ronan Tells Hit Fix Why She Picked The Host

Hit Fix caught up with Saoirse Ronan at the Toronto International Film Festival and asked her about her current project (believe it or not a vampire movie) and The Host.


As someone who hasn’t really jumped into the studio movie world, what made you go to do something like ‘The Host’?

I loved the concept.  I think it’s an amazing concept and I really liked the book and just the idea of creatures coming onto our planet and trying to perfect our race and our world and get rid of any negativity in any way, which of course would never work really because suddenly you’re taking away human nature and human spirit and all these different things.  But it raises a lot of questions like that and that was really, really interesting to me.  Then they said that they [brought on] Andrew Niccol to do it, who has made brilliant films in the past that have conceptually been mind-blowing and beautiful.  So, he was perfect for it and I mean the main producer on it, Nick Wechsler, was fantastic.  He brought everyone together and Stephanie and everything.  So, there were a lot of things there that really attracted me to it.

Saorise Is Seeing a Working Cut of The Host Today

MTV caught up with Saorise Ronan today at the Toronto Film Festival

3 Videos: Saoirse Ronan The Host on Her Character and The Fanbase

Saoirse Ronan talks about the duality of Wanda and Melanie in The Host as well as how she approached the role and the fanbase.

How The Host Stills Play Out In The Movie

We were able to see the advance footage of The Host at Comic Con. Now that we did, we have some information on where the released stills fit in in the context. It’s not every still, but we have pretty solid information on several of them. Diane Kruger is seen in this white suit which is apparently the official Seeker dress code. It’s very visually stunning and oddly threatening against all the other normal colors in the film. In the books she is short and brunette; however I can tell you that the tall Diane Kruger looming over Wanderer and in another sequence chasing down Melanie in the abandoned building is very visually threatening. I don’t know that a short brunette would have had the same visual effect. You can also see a tiny bit of silver car in the shot. The Seekers all drive these bright silver (almost like mirrors) cars. In one of the clips you saw the Seekers (at least 6) show up at Melanie’s house which was on a Louisiana bayou. Melanie and Jamie hid under the house which juts out into the water. Their father commits suicide via handgun rather than be taken alive. In a later clip the Seekers chase down a truck of renegades. The occupants of the truck also commit suicide by crashing the truck into a wall rather than being taken.

The next two shots are interconnected and happen within a minute of each other.


The Seeker asks Wanderer to probe Melanie’s memory to discover where the renegades are. After a moment of resistance she gives up Jamie’s name and Melanie’s inner voice screams at her in defiance. Then she sees this entire montage of Melanie’s past life from happy days with her dog, to swimming with Jamie, to hooking up with Jared(of note she doesn’t mention Jared’s name). The above stills are part of the Jared flashback. They are in front of an RV in the middle of nowhere and Melanie and Jared are swing dancing while Jamie holds the boom box(first photo). In fact the dance sequence is almost identical to the Breaking Dawn wedding where Jackson flips Ashley upside down. It then starts to rain and they all go to rush inside. Jamie goes in first but Jared stops Melanie at the door and he gives her a passionate kiss as she is backed up against the trailer. The second photo is immediately post kiss.

This next shot wasn’t in the clips, but Jake Abel is wearing the exact clothing that he was in the clip that was shown. Kyle, Ian and another guys go to the cell where Wanderer is being kept and Jared stands guard. Kyle and the other guy double-team Jared (who gets in a hell of a good sucker punch to Kyle to start things off BTW) while Kyle yells for Ian to “kill it”. Ian starts to strangle Wanderer. Wanderer just submits as Melanie’s voice is screaming for her to fight back. In the clip you can see that the emotion of trying to murder someone who isn’t resisting is deeply affecting Ian and he starts to let up. Uncle Jeb firing off a rifle finally breaks up the scene. So I’m taking a guess that it’s him mulling over the fact that he just tried to kill someone.