The cast of The Host on EXTRA at the Grove

Stephenie Meyer, Jake Abel, Max Irons and Diane Kruger all stopped by The Grove.

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ATTEN LA Fans: Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed at The Grove Today and EXTRA Wants You!

We just got this from EXTRA:

I just wanted to let you know that we have TWO ‘Twilight’ stars visiting ‘Extra’ at The Grove in LA TOMORROW, Tuesday October 2nd!

2:30PM Ashley Greene

3:45PM Nikki Reed

We will be selecting a few fans to ask questions LIVE on the EXTRA stage.

EXTRA: Twilight Saga Entertainer of the Year

EXTRA has named the number 2 Entertainer of the Year right behind Harry Potter, but ahead of Glee and Betty White.

“Ah, the ultimate love triangle between vampire, werewolf and human! “The Twilight Saga” cast flies in at No. 2 on “Extra’s” Entertainer of the Year list.

Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novels — about a girl named Bella Swan who falls in love with vampire Edward Cullen, while also forging a close friendship with werewolf Jacob Black — made the tween set (and their mothers) swoon, launching a literary phenomenon in 2005…This past summer, the third film, “Eclipse,” opened to huge numbers, grossing over $300 million domestically.”

See more on EXTRA including a really cute candid photobooth style spread with the cast.

Via TwiPoison

Extra: An Eclipse Gallery of Fun

Normally we aren’t too big on posting photo gallery spreads with no article, but this was just funny. It was great to see the stars cut loose for EXTRA after an exhausting two days of press junkets.

There are like 40 more total goofball photos here.

EXTRA: 2009 Top Twilight News Highlights

Check it out on EXTRA

Extra Quizzes the Volturi and the Cullens

EXTRA: 5 Facts About Xavier Samuel

EXTRA has 5 facts about Xavier Samuel, who may not be a household name yet, but is going to be a year from now.

EXTRA Compares & Contrasts Twilight and True Blood

EXTRA Clip..Now With Improved Sound

Taylor Lautner’s Early Dance Moves

Taylor, more so than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, seems to have grown up under candid video spotlight. EXTRA has unearthed some classic Taylor footage, and shots from an upcoming photoshoot. After seeing it we only had one thought, “When is Dancing With the Stars going to come calling?” If Shawn Johnson can win it, why not a guy with similar acrobatic talents?