EXTRA: 5 Facts About Xavier Samuel

EXTRA has 5 facts about Xavier Samuel, who may not be a household name yet, but is going to be a year from now.


  1. wow, he is REALLY hot.

  2. LaTuaCantante says

    Did he really beat out Channing Tatum and Tom Felton? Did they even audition for the role? Last I heard, Channing Tatum didn’t even know who Riley’s character was. Just curious.

  3. LaTuaCantante says

    Don’t get me wrong, congrats to Xavier Samuel! But sometimes, you gotta figure out if what the entertainment news is saying is true.

  4. Switzerland says

    HE’S. SO. CUTE.
    …it’s gonna suck watching him die =P

  5. I wonder if he’ll be talking in an Australian accent or American accent…
    If Rob can do it… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. twilightroxz says

    awwww man channig taitum i luv him he would hav been soooo good as riley

  7. He looks like Riley as I pictured him…..good choice.

  8. Aearrinn says

    Hey, where did you hear (LaTuaCantante) that Tom Felton auditioned? I would have never come up with that on my own, but I think he would have been really great! Looking forward to what this guy can do!

  9. Tom Felton would have dominated him for the part…

  10. i had no idea channing auditioned! and i thought tom felton was just a rumor to audition hmm. he looks like he has potential though!

  11. i think he’ll be great as Riley

  12. Whoop whoop, an Aussie in Eclipse! Pride XD I’m glad Tatum didn’t get the role, he’s hot but he’s not Riley. As for Tom Felton… Hahahahaha stick to Harry Potter! : P

  13. WOOOTTT.. Australia represent!!!
    Otherwise the boy is fine, and not completely un-riley like…… thats good enough for me ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. to me personally he resembles the riley I’ve had in my head while reading more than the other two (channing and tom). hope he’ll prove to be a good actor as well, since I haven’t seen him in a movie yet….

  15. channing tatum i really luv and just when i thought 2 hot guys in 1 movie…..taylor and channing …wow but i think he’s cute so good 4 him and i think he will probally do a good job but i could see channing as riley ….

  16. ross argentina says

    this guy is hot!I think that Summit made a good choice when they picked him