EXTRA Compares & Contrasts Twilight and True Blood


  1. As a fan of both some things were wrong, True Blood vamps Fangs run out when they are hungry. Also Sookie can read NO vampire minds, not just Bills. Just thought I would put that out there.

  2. Oh and also.. Sam can shift into any animal he pleases.. He just prefers a dog.

  3. Felicity of Canada says

    I am not convinced that the author of this article is completely familiar with either series. There were mistakes made to both shows, though reasonably minor. The fact-checker needs to be more diligent before publication.

  4. Edwardbitespillow says

    okay…first….the reporter person has like no idea what twilight is about..he just has a one sided opinion…and second…what is iwth all the black dots over Rob?

  5. Edwardbitespillow: they said that that was done for special effects. I’m assuming that’s where they’ll add his sparkles later on.

  6. Kealeagh says

    True Blood trumps Twilight in every way.

  7. Wow – I am not sure I agree that True Blood trumps Twilight, but we each have our own opinions.
    It seems everyone has pointed out that there were mistakes in this and I wanted to give some for Twilight.
    First, Edward can read all minds except Bella’s.
    Second, no they do not have to breathe, but even if they weren’t mimicing humans, breathing is still their sence of smell, which they use for a lot.

  8. I can’t help it. I think True Blood seriously just copied it’s entire story from Twilight to make money. I don’t like it at all. Super lame…

    • actually, i’m pretty sure it’s based off of the sookie stackhouse novels.

    • First I love love love the Twilight books 100% better. I love the fast movement effects on Trublood better.
      I also love how you hear what Sookie hears. They totally dropped the ball on those things in Twilight. Albeit it was from Bella’s perspective, if they were going to take all those liberties I wish it had been on something like that. I think Twilight is for everyone and Trublood is a little rough. I’m no teenager but that is way more cursing than normal folks do, and way more sex than I care to see. Don’t get me wrong, I know both things go on, I just think it justs not necessary in such big doses. So its Stephs vamps all the way.
      I love that I could share them with my children and my grandma. They are class. I wish the movie had had the budget and the script writer to make the magic that the books have. Maybe New Moon will pull
      it off—-but same script writer so I wonder…..

    • Yea True Blood is based off of the Sookie Stackhouse novels which was written before Twilight.

    • meganxxcullen says

      Okay for the person who said that True Blood copied off of Twilight it didnt.
      I have read BOTH the twilight and the True Blood (sookie stackhouse series) books and neither of the style of writing is the same. True Blood is SO much more different than Twilight. True Blood is more for adult readers, and it has bigger plots than Twilight.
      So id just like to set it out for everyone out there that the only things that they have in common is vampires and there is an actual reason behind why bill falls for sookie.
      Sookie being able to read minds is part of something else, id rather not say since it would spoil it for many people.
      I also agree the person who wrote this had no idea about either series.

    • Wow…sorry but True Blood is based off the Sookie Stackhouse series of books the first book was published in 2001 which was like 5 years before Twilight was published. I enjoy both Twilight and True Blood but I do enjoy watching True Blood more.

      • And yet, they decide to put out this big adult vampire series right after Twilight’s big entrance. They’re just trying to take from Twilight’s thunder and it’s just not working for me. And what’s so great about making it more “Adult”? Who likes more useless drama in their life anyway?

        I’m with Karen – I’d rather stick w/stories that I can read to my kids.

        • True Blood has been in works for a while.

          The pilot for True Blood was shot in the early summer of 2007. also, the series premiered before Twilight hit theaters.

          Twilight was shot in early 2008.

    • true blood is based on the sookie stackhouse books, first one being written in 2001 (twilight was published 2005). just saying, its not possible that they ripped off twilight.

  9. i think i like the trueblood show more than the twilight movie. maybe that’s just because i’ve read twilight and i know what could have been better so i’m more critical of how it was done. there are a lot of similarities though. maybe that’s why i like it so much? idk. but the new trueblood episode comes on this sunday and i’m so excited ^_^

  10. True Blood and Twilight are both amazing.

  11. …Well even though the Twilight movie was very mediocre. Which is why I’m totally excited for New Moon!!!

  12. Yes, the first of the Sookie Stackhouse novels were written in 2001 I believe, and therefore were written before Twilight. (:
    I enjoy both, however, and can’t bring myself to pick one over the other.

  13. AliceKikiCullen says

    Eh, I prfere twilight, I don’t like adult fansty novels or shows that much, I have watched True blood and it’s okay but the lanuge gets to me after a while. I’ll stick to Young adult books thanks. Besides, I am really not a big vamp fan except Twilight away. Eh, whatever but who ever does research needs to do it better I think. Lol

    • I agree. I like how Twilight doesn’t have bad language. True Blood has a lot of language and a whole lot of sex. So much to the point I have to change the channel for a few seconds then flip back. I should expect it since it’s on HBO… :/

      The books don’t really have bad language, and the sexual aspect is there, but leaves more to the imagination that True Blood does.

  14. Lomesir22 says

    I hate how so many people feel the need to compare the two. These days, having vampires is so common it doesn’t really warrant endless comparisons.

  15. littleyellowporsche says

    Lots of good points out there. TrueBlood and Twilight are two very different stories. Like some one said, the only real similarity in the two (besides the mind reading with edward and sookie) are that it is based around vampires. Both are great and I agree when said that Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse Novels) are very much more for the adult readers. It has all the steamy, sexy stuff that Twilight kinda lacked. But I love them both!!


  16. kehacakes says

    They are both very different. I love Stephenie Myers, but let’s face it, she didn’t invent vampires. So not every book out there is a rip off of the Twilight Saga, especially since the Sookie books were started first. I once saw an interview… I believe its on you tube… been a while… where Stephenie named several books that she read for inspiration, Like Romeo and Juliet and the other classics mentioned in her books. Then she said, after naming them all , “And the last one I cannot name.” Which makes me really wonder what book it was and why it was a secret. I’m sure she couldn’t name it due to some deal with her agent or some other issue, but I’m dying to know what book it was. Anyway, I like both Twilight and True Blood series. They are both great and I hope the Vampire Diaries show makes it this fall.

    • pami11195 says

      ok that other book was the merchant of venice n she didnt want to spoil breaking dawn thats why she couldnt mention it. trust me i wud kno

    • pami11195 says

      i love anything twilight related n tru blood is really amazing! but i cant watch it that much cuz ma parents dont let me.i hav to cover my face every once in a while n da cussin im pretty much used to da language.also sum similarities r, vampires, mind reading, n sam is a shapeshifter who happens to prefer to be a dog n jacob is also a shapeshifter who shifts into a wolf, da first time i watched it ma mom n i both thougth it copied twilight then i realized that the novels were written in 2001

  17. Faktririjekt says

    “No mention of humans drinking vampire blood for strength”? Could that possibly be due to. . .I don’t know. . .the vampires not HAVING any blood for them to drink, or something?

    And “some” vampires do not remember their past lives as humans? Alice is the only known vampire who has completely blacked it out. All vampires (except for the very new ones) have hazy memories of their human lives.

    They say that Edward can read human minds, and Sookie can read the minds of both humans and vampires. Like Edward can’t read the minds of vampires?! Are they absolutely clueless!

    “Twilight fangs are not outwardly visible”? Only in the movie, because they screwed it up!

    Bella is not impenetrable to vampire influencing in general, she’s impenetrable to vampire MIND influencing.

    Get it right!

  18. 1st off in some of the books Charlene Harris author of the Sookie Stackhouse chronicles writes Sookie rarely gets a glimpse of what goes on in a vamps mind and it last’s for only a second and she refuses to tell anyone out of fear!I own and have read all 9 books as well as all 4 of the Twilight saga books. There are a great many differences but I like both! BUT I LoVe TWILIGHT! Stephanie just knows what make our hearts and minds want more!!!!!
    I do agree whoever wrote this needs to get their facts straight though!

  19. Yeah, sookie can’t read vampire’s minds…except for eric’s that one time…AND she narrates the books. Clearly the reporter has not read the books :] lol

  20. true blood sounds like weird.. and ridiculous..
    but twilight the fact i can live with..
    like they dont sleep.. but in true blood they sleep?
    thats so weird..
    but.. its dont matter.. some people like twilight some like true blood.. iam a fan-pire..

    • Ok… clearly you need to read other vampire novels besides twilight and watch more vampire movies. Stephenie didn’t base her cullen vampires off from the other vampires such as Nosferatu and Dracula. Yes, in some mythologies… vampires sleep during the day, and are active at night. Just because the Cullens aren’t nothing like ordinary vampires in the twilight world, doesn’t make True blood “weird and ridiculous” as you so put it. I think you should probably do some RESEARCH on vampire mythology before claiming any other vampire that doesn’t come out of Twilight…”weird?”

  21. Twilight all the way. More like real life and I could live with the Cullen’s in the world.

  22. Hey – Buffy came before both! =)

    I’ve never seen True Blood and I was kind of interested in it but if it’s that explicit I think I’ll pass. =/ I’ll just rewatch Buffy…it falls smack in between the 2 it seems.

    • Shout out to BUFFY! Yeah. I haven’t seen True Blood (don’t have HBO) nor have I read the Sookie Stackhouse books. I’d love to if they are good. I’m obsessed with Twilight so why not? It was fun reading the comparison but the writer made blatant mistakes that were annoying.

    • ForeverCamp says

      I just started watching True Blood S.1 and it’s true – it’s rated 18A for VERY good reasons. Took a LOT of getting used to, still can’t handling watching it all the way through and can’t watch it before 10:30 at night when the little brother goes to bed, but love the storylines in both of the series! Can’t wait for the dvd release of S.2 of True Blood – I don’t get HBO at home, just heard about it.

  23. I love both the series and the movie pretty much equally. I love Twilight ofcourse-I read them and watched it before True Blood or the Sookie Stackhouse books. But they each bring their own uniqueness, they are far different from each other.

    I like the innocence of Twilight but the raging hormones of True Blood. It equals it out for me I guess lol because I did think that Twilight was quite prude, but considering it came from a Mormon author and was directed towards teens, I can see why.

    I love them both!

  24. Okay, Okay, what’s with all the “Which one is better?” discussion? Twilight and True Blood are two vampire/mythical creature works of fiction that take place in the “real” world. This is about where the similarities end. No one copied off anything. Why does one have to be “better” than the other? Some people will enjoy one and not the other, and some, like myself, will enjoy both immensely for different reasons. The Twilight series is a sweet, youthful love story. The Sookie Stackhouse novels and True Blood are much more adult, but just as entertaining. C’mon guys! Believe it or not, there IS room for more than one vampire story in the world. I can read Twilight to my kids AND watch True Blood after the kids have gone to bed. Sounds like like a good evening at home to me. Oh yeah, and will someone please call up Extra and tell them to have someone who’s actually read the books and watched the shows to write these pieces! That list was a joke.

  25. Well I thing that there are room for both. I Love the book twillight and I love the show True blood….
    So clearly different and I don’t need to compare….As a matter of fact Robert audition for True blood but did not get the part… So to say that true blood is stealing twilight thunder not true, cause they were done around the same time…
    I love both equaly…..

  26. Aww. A True Blood vs Twilight debate? Sigh. I love BOTH series — They’re both amazing — But while I have to admit that I haven’t gotten started on the books that True Blood was based off of (I will get to it, though!), I do prefer TB. The sex is a little much, but I think there is just more and BETTER character development overall. If it hadn’t been for the transformation in BD, I would say Bella’s a pretty static character, and that’s fine, but it wasn’t… I can’t even figure out how I want to phrase this. I want to say I wanted something more dymamic, but the ROMANCE was certainly dynamic. Then I wanted to say something more invigorating, but I could barely put the books down… I don’t know what it is. I guess Twilight is my fluffy little guilty pleasure, but True Blood has a lot of meat to it. It’s got TONS of different plots for almost every major character — They do a great job of not making it confusing, too! — and Bill and Sookie have REAL arguments and the characters develop as they go… I don’t know. I think they’re great in their respective ways, but I think True Blood just has more to chew.

    BUT I STILL LOVE MAH TWILIGHT! 😀 (Still, I have to agree that nobody in TB was copying Twilight. The books were written long before Stephenie had her dream, and the series was in creation before the Twilight movie started hitting it big. I think it was just coincidence.)



  28. I personally think that are only so many ways one could expand on Bram Stokers work. Meyers captured a different age group with the Twilight Saga than Trublood has commanded. IMO, The Trublood series is much better and the books are a much better read, but then I fall in the “more mature reader” catagory, simply stated, I am older, lol…I have to wonder, if not for Pattison and Stewart in the roles of Edward and Bella, would the movies be such block buster hits? Is it all about the actors and their goodlooks that attract the tweens? Of course, again IMO, the actors in Trublood are much better and are talented as well, a component lacking in the Twilight movies. I do believe that there are some similarities between the two. I like my vampires to sleep in coffins, not to be able to go out in the sunlight and I do not want my vamps to sparkle. Call me a traditionalist, lol I would rather be glamoured than dazzled too. Not sure how much of Meyers idea for Twilight came from a dream!!

  29. another point, the romance and love between a vampire and human woman was developed long before either Twilight or Trublood. So there is no copying there. The other similarites, such as the shapeshifters are more than evident. Not to accuse one or the other, but it is what it is. Glamouring v/ dazzling, small town USA, synthetic blood, drinking the blood of animals, reading minds, all are evident and some could say that ideas were copied. I liked both Twilight and Trublood, however from a readers standpoint, I still think that the Trublood books are better written and are an easier more pleasant read.

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