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ET is promising more tomorrow!


  1. Why is part 1 posted twice? Is there actually a part 2?

  2. Now I don’t like ET, mainly because it’s just a television version of every gossip magazine you see, and I’ve made it known here that I’m no fan of Kristen Stewart’s, but even I wouldn’t have blown up her spot the way that ET did. In big bold letters for her, they just put “DIDN’T READ TWILIGHT.” Really ET? Actually I find it funny because it is a contradiction of what she has said in interviews. Kristen, you might want to get your people on that.

    • It actually said, “Hadn’t read Twilight.” Meaning, she hadn’t read it before she got the part.

      • A lot of them hadn’t read it prior to being cast, but they didn’t put them on blast for it. As a matter of fact they only had two items for Taylor. Of all the things they could have put down for her they put that down. They should have just listed two like they did with Taylor.

        • Yep! I agree with you.

          • or, how about, it didn’t need to be mentioned at all. how was the comment relevant to anything? of all ‘fun facts’…

            ET is doing a terrible job, and we are all getting duped into visiting their site, watching the show, for 3 minutes (most of which we saw in the teaser for the teaser) of incorrect or irrelevant information. i’d much rather wait for the footage by some other source or for the movie itself than give them the satisfaction of more ratings and viewers. ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT – YOU ARE TRASH.

    • I completely agree. Robert and Taylor have no insults, but for Kristen it’s like “hey world she didn’t read it” NONE of them had read it. That’s not fair. I’m a big Kristen fan and I think she’s done a great job with Bella. She gets picked on for everything where as the “sexy hunks” (oh god, gag me with that line) are “oh so perfect.” Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Rob and LOVE me some Taylor but give her a break.

    • Yes most of them hadnt read it BUT also Krisen has said that she didn’t want to read New Moon till right before they start shooting it Because she wanted to be surprised and in what happens and not know what was going to happen and experience it like that the way Bella did in the book.

  3. Lissie Edllen says

    There are another two videos in HQ
    The part 1 code for embed is:

    and the second one is:

  4. none of them read it before they did it..i love rob and taylor but it’s all about them and no kirsten at all..i’ve seen her ignored in interviews.. i’m bugged with this show cus they really didnt show anything and they were like tune in tomorrow for more..jackasses

    • Ashely was a fan of the series prior to being cast.

    • I’m just gonna wait till it’s posted here. That way, I don’t need to watch all the junk….just Twilight. I can’t stand any of those celebrity news/gossip shows (ET, Access Hollywood, E! news, Daily 10 and etc).

  5. i sat infront of the tv for 2 hrs to see it and when i did i was a little disapointed well ya they showed lk 8 secs a scene then lk 3 of a nother but they said behind the cameras on the previews and all they did was interview rob and taylor i hope tomorrow is wayyy better.

  6. True True , I Waited All Week For That ! & It Was So Short .

  7. I thought what they did show was great. But yes, it was too short. Kristen looks gorgeous! I want to see more! But not really, becuase I want the movie to be a surprise. That’s what ET does though, they hype it up and only show a little bit.

  8. Well, what do guys expect? For them to show us a scene from the movie? It’s only April, people.

  9. I felt very disappointed in the show. They could of made it alot better!!! It’s all about the ratings.

  10. what they did show was good. they all looked awesome! but yeah, i was still left unsatisfied… ugh. is it november yet? i hope tomorrow’s show is better.

  11. teamcullen12 says

    there is a part 2…
    go to
    they have both parts posted

  12. hahahah, that girl, “oh my god”. my thoughts exactly, my thoughts exactly…

  13. would be cool to see this…but it’s going to ruin new moon for me (as in spoil the movie by watching most of it now…stupid November, where;s the time machine?!)

  14. “Would you rather your sister date an Edward or Jacob?”
    RPatz: Edward’s wealthier

    LMAO!! <3 him

  15. You guys that was just today’s, they are having more tomorrow and probably next week. This is like a new segment for their show. More is to come! So don’t be disappointed, they are just spreading it out.

  16. MaleTwilightFan says

    I felt it was short too but it was like others have said, they want people to keep tuning in to watch more of the coverage. I liked it when Robert was asked if he has a sister who’d he think she should date. Edward because he is wealthier. haha. Loved it! lol. I think they made a smart choice with the director for Eclipse. Between New Moon, Eclipse and if they do Breaking Dawn they are all heavily loaded with special effects. You would need a director who has had some hardcore experience which is great for Chris Weitz having directed The Golden Compass and the other director having directed 30 Days of Night. Both being supernatural/fantasy movies.

  17. More!! I want MORE!!! LOL! These little teaser things are driving me insane lol!!! Novemeber seriously needs to come sooner!!!

  18. Lisi Lobita says

    Taylor Lautner is sooooo HOTTTT! Enough said! =p

  19. GenevieveCullen says

    =/ I better not have to tune in every week just to watch 2 minutes of Twilight in their 30 minutes of crap gossip. I mean seriously, the only difference between what we saw in the promos and what we saw in the show was Taylor saying “no” he doesn’t have a girlfriend. WE ALREADY KNEW THAT. The Lex should be running that segment, not them.

    • CelestialMajique says

      I completely agree. Lex wouldn’t be biased with interviewing because of screaming, rabbid female fans that’d shoot their ratings/viewing through the roof. They’d share the screen equally between everyone. Or, atleast, that’s my thought. I would like to see more interviews with Chris, get his thoughts on a one-on-one basis, as far as how he’s angling the story. How it’s going to be different from Twilight, besides the obvious.

      • RobKrisTay news is cool, but I want more NM info. They don’t have to give the movie away, they could talk about the CGI stuff or etc.
        Wait…it’s ET…Nevermind.

  20. shortstuff says

    omg i’m so freaking excited, and i’m happy with the way that scene was going.. its one of my favorites from the book! taylor is gunna be so awesome in this movie!!

  21. Did anyone else notice the “and woof!” in response to Taylor gaining 30 pounds. I think I laughed for a good 3 minutes about that. I was appalled lol.

  22. Ahh! Taylor’s gorgeous <3

    & haha “Edward’s wealthier..” 😀

  23. hahahah i LOVE Rob!
    “edwards wealthier!”
    But omg i loved the scences they did show……i def. need 2 re-read new moon for like the hundreth time b4 the movie comes out though

  24. ‘edward’s wealthier’ bawhahaha i love rpatzz. 😀
    i am SO pumped for new moon. :DD

    and, my jaw is STUCK to the floor from how taylor looks. maybe he can put that 30lbs of gained muscle to actual use and help me pick it up off of the floor!! ;D

  25. Can someone tell me why it says “Bella’s vampire stud returns in the follow up after leaving her bitten and nearly dead.” and after bitten it shows where James bit her, it seems to imply that in the end of twilight Edward bit her and left. Umm… what? And then the compromise “Jacob, who TRUELY loves her” as if Edward doesn’t? Again, I say ummm…. what?

  26. I think new moon is going to be amazing. can’t wait 🙂

  27. …well, Edward’s wealthier…

    that was too funny.

  28. JACKIEEEEEE! says

    i feel so sorry for kristen
    she truly deserves more than this crap ET has given her
    and jeez the promos left nothing to the imagination if that was the final segment

  29. JACKIEEEEEE! says

    oh and WTH?!
    edward did not leave bella there to die at the end of twilight?!

    and what makes me even more mad was that they made it seem like edward doesn’t really live bella and that jacob loves her more?

  30. The show really was crappy. Yes both Edward and Jacob love Bella and she loves them both too. But there can only be one winner and we all know who its gonna be. Looks like ET needs to go and read the books dont they?

  31. Jennifer L. says

    OMFG. Rob was really hot at the end. especially with blood. BITE ME. pleaassse.

  32. I actually liked this, yea the show is a silly gossip show so there going to have a mainly silly gossip segment on twilight/new moon. BUT look behind the cheesey do you have a girlfriend stuff at all the new moon things there showing! Obviously there having the movie theatre scene the second one not with Jessica, but I didn’t see Mike in any of the clips where they were filming. Is mike supposed to be in the bathroom puking or just cut from that scene? Then we see Jacob jumping over his porch, did I miss that in the book? Where would it be from?

    • The porch jumping thing was not in the book. His house didn’t have a porch. But, there were several scenes this could be a part of. I hope it isn’t where Jacob saves Bella after she jumped. If he was at his house, he wouldn’t have been able to save her. So, let’s hope he is running for some other reason.

  33. The way he’s yelling “Bella!” and running towards the beach makes me think it’s the cliff diving rescue. Odd, though, since his house is not right by the beach…or anyone’s house, that I know of.

    • Aha! Maybe it’s when Sam & Harry brings her back to the res after the cliff dive?

      • Wait – who rescued her from the cliff dive???

        I got mixed up with the forest scene. ..

        • Jacob saved her by himself. Sam only came on the scene after he had her ashore. Harry was dying in the hospital.

          • Thanks Creamy! It’s time to get my books back as I am forgetting waaay too much!

          • CelestialMajique says

            That HAD to be the cliff diving scene. That was one of the major parts they were doing in Vancouver. And, getting as much of the Bella/Jacob stuff done before they headed to Italy to do the Bella/Edward scenes. Chris said he was going to stay as true to the book as possible. Actually, he PROMISED. I hope he lives up to it, New Moon was my first favorite of the saga.

          • I should be embarrassed to say that I all but live in the books, but I’m not. I enjoy them WAY too much. Even with that, I still forget sometimes.

    • I think that part is when Jacob hears Bella screaming when she is jumping of the cliff too. i dont know. Jacob was supposed to be out patroling and trying to pick up a victoria’s scent when Bella jumped off the cliff.

  34. ET would be wise to read the books or at least watch the movie! How in the heck can they interpret it as Edward almost killing Bella?

    ET is getting on my last nerve.

  35. ET definitely has some mixed up info, but my question is- why did they keep calling it Twilight New Moon? The entire series is called the Twilight Saga and this movie is called New Moon, not Twilight New moon. What will Eclipse be- Twilight Eclipse?

  36. Awesome!! SO excited!!
    But what does Robert say, what’s his last sentence?

  37. In the first clip, Mike is there (at least it **looks** like him LOL) Musta been filming the movie scene. When Kristin & Taylor are hugging, he’s leaning against the counter. If it is him, his hair is much blonder!

  38. Well so far so good..but I was hoping for more info on the movie..i mean great taylor will date before he’s 28 ..that stuff was cheesy..I thought they should talk to Kristen Stewart more..its really not about the two guys in this book its really about her obsession with edward and her start of that pull towards jacob…I think they should focus more on the actual story and not the hunk that we already know are in this movie!!!

    • Candice: You are so right. This was like the National Enquirer on TV.

    • I agree! I’m really disappointed in what they’ve shown us so far. I was hoping for more behind the scenes stuff & maybe clips of filming. Those interviews weren’t that great. They were kind of lame. They probably talked to the guys because they’re the hunks of the movie & want to please the fans that want to be able to gush over them.

  39. Creamy I liked your comment about Mary Hart,” What else can we expect from Mary ‘Twittledee’ Hart”? OMG that was funny, I laughed and laughed.

  40. Creamy, you are so funny….maybe you should be in the movies… Or at least a screen writer?

  41. Roseanne_Alice says

    i liked it. but i mean UGH! so short come one now. better be better tonight. more juicy juice! now its the countdown to eclipse 7.30.10 a year before i graduate high school oh joy!

  42. I didn’t get to watch it,so there’s nothing I can comment on.



    loved him for saying that.

    Oh and ET is more focused on the two hunky guys,
    then on getting there facts straight, or showing us anything of what kristen has to say about her experinces.

    Try harder next time ET.


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