ET Gives a Peak at Taylor Lautner

ET has another series of teaser videos up. In one, they claim that one of the biggest things on Robert Pattinson’s mind during the Twilight premiere was that his pants were too tight. Check out the Taylor snippet below.


  1. I just wish his voice didn’t sound so little boyish.

  2. allisonlovesedward says:

    the wig looks SO much better this time. looks more like real hair.

  3. oooh look how big he is now. God i wished i lived in America so i could watch this on thursday

  4. Awww. . . I love him so much!
    He’ll do a great job, I just know it.
    He seems so excited.

  5. Lomesir22 says:

    *sigh* He has this little-brother vibe going on that I can’t get over.

    La Bruja,

    There’s editing techniques for deepening voices. In fact, if you watch Heroes Season 1, the very first time Future Hiro is on screen, his voice has been machine-deepened (to be more powerful, I think they said).

    • Well HOPEFULLY they will use it and do that..I like Taylor but I dont want Jacob sounding like he still hasnt gone through puberty yet after his transformation. It just wouldnt seem right to me.

    • His hair does look better but i HATE the style they used.

  6. he looks so different. it’s crazy watching taylor buff up. i’m glad he wasn’t replaced, his hard work really shows.

  7. Gosh. Taylor is huge. And beautiful. And amazing.

    P.S. With great new hair. =)

  8. holy cow he is huuuuge

  9. His Jacob voice is different…I like to call this is “interview voice”..ha

  10. wow and to think at ehe beggining i thought Strait was going to look better for the character but really Taylor has proved me wrong!! Im glad

  11. still much prefer him with the short hair (cant wait till he gets to cut it in nm!) but this wig is definately looking better!! Wish he would smile more though ๐Ÿ™ i miss his smile!

  12. he got so big. doesnt look like a boy anymore. im glad they changed his wig. the first one looked so obvious and not right.

  13. I love Taylor so much and he is so big right now. When do we get some pictures already?
    I dying with anticipation to see his delicious naked (half naked) body. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    IDK about the hair. I never liked him with it long. Good thing its cut by now.

  14. Hello lovely lexicon ladies! You do such a fabulous job with giving us all the news. One minor correction to your headline: it should be “peek” not “peak.”

  15. Hey I have Charter – Any idea what channel it might be on please

  16. Does anyone remember what time/channel this will be on thursday? I’m pretty sure I need to Tivo it.

  17. Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

    Gosh i lov this guy!!! He’s perfect for Jake and … you probably dont wanna hear what i have to say about him but here’s the gist of it:
    2- HE’S HUMBLE!
    2- HE’S HOT!
    7- HE’S FLAWLESS!!!!!!

    wow, that was me suffering from OTD( obsessive taylor disorder!!)
    i am dying for thursday!! only 47 hours and 15 minutes left!!!
    HELP ME!!

  18. wow he looks really buff. dedication.

  19. Lisi Lobita says:

    Does anyone know what channel and what time this is going to be on thursday in Chicago? I can’t miss it. I will skip night class if i have to…

  20. damnn, he’s looking goood. ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. OMG! Thats what I’m saying! His voice is so boyish! But I must admit, he is sexy! ๐Ÿ™‚ HAHA.

  22. wow swoon wow omg i love this guy

  23. There will be a huge difference between Twilight Jacob and New Moon Jacob.And that’s a very good thing.I’m excited.

  24. ajcob is so hot an hes young so thats a bonous. i think that jacob will cange a lot in new moon and it will be interesting to see how he turns out.

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