Edi Gathegi in New Tyler Shields Video

Photographer and videographer Tyler Shields is known for his avant guarde shooting style that features the up-in-coming of Hollywood. In the past he has featured Kellan Lutz cutting his clothes overkill style , Ashley Greene tied to the train tracks as a damsel in distress, Alex Meraz in angry shirt ripping, just to name a few Twilight connections.

The above video featuring Edi Gathegi is pretty tame since most of his work pushes the PG-13/R barriers. With Tyler Shields, you’re never quite sure what the message is. What do you think?

Tyler Shields Video Features Anna Kendrick and Alex Meraz

Tyler Shields who shoots a lot of what could be called proactive art house videos and photos has a new video. This one has some old footage of Alex Meraz coupled in with some new footage of Anna Kendrick. There are also at least 30 vignettes by other rising Hollywood talent.

Tyler’s work is not everyone’s cup of tea. Please be warned that the video is not of a PG-13 nature. It’s sexually suggestive and has images of simulated violence that some may find disturbing.

Ashley Greene Behind the Scenes With Tyler Shields

Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Anna Kendrick, Edi Gathegi, and Alex Meraz have all worked with cutting-edge photographer and videographer Tyler Shields. Tyler tends to do these iconic images and then he puts a spin on it. He does the kind of work that draws you in because you don’t know where it’s going, and what he’s doing is a fascinating scene study.

Ashley Greene is now featured in a behind the scenes outtake from one of Tyler’s latest shoots.

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