Video: Edi Gathegi Stays Out of Breaking Dawn and Hunger Games Debate

Edi Gathegi was being followed by paparazzi after a Nylon Magazine event. Usually paparazzi ask about personal lives and try to provoke a reaction, this time they went for Hunger Games vs. Twilight and Edi elected not to take the bait.


  1. And there are already people trying to create these stupid TEAMS and make this series into a love triangle like Twilight, WHICH IT ISN’T. Collins’ love story was nowhere NEAR the main focus of these books. In fact, the HEA at the end was less than wonderful…rather lackluster, if you ask me. But writing an intense love story was never her intention.

  2. @Tracey Taylor – I don’t understand the comparison either. I never understood the comparison between Harry Potter and Twilight. The ONLY comparison is that they are young adult books but very different themes.

  3. I hate the THG, Twilight, and HP debates the media tries to do.

  4. Moonbeam says:

    All that really matters is that Hollywood is starting to care about the female audience. Booyah, we win!

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