Edi Gathegi in X-Men Trailer

Look for Edi at the 1:02 mark. He plays Darwin.


  1. I thought I recognized him! X-Men: First Class looks really good, although Marvel is really playing with their X-Men universe. Hopefully the story will be awesomeness for the purests to overlook the many changes they’ve done. Cyclopes (Scott) and Gene Grey were both a part of the original X-Men. Hank McCoy didn’t undergo his “blue beast” transformation until years later, when he tried to cure himself. Even then, he still looked human, but just with blue fur and fangs. It wasn’t until recently (2001) that he underwent a 3rd transition, of which transformed him into a lion like creature. They’ve jumped from his first manifestation to his last in one show…

    Again, even with all the changes, if the movie is really good, I’m sure comic book purists will overlook all of the changes. I know I did when they brought Spider-Man to the big screen. Well that is until they butchered Venom…

  2. Gigi Cullen says:

    If Edi plays Darwin like he played Laurent, then it should be awesome. Can’t wait to see taht one. Huge X-men fan as well as Twihard.

  3. So excited about this film.

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