Edi Gathegi Gets Great Review in Superior Donuts

Edi Gathegi is in a play written by Tony and Pulitzer winner Tracey Letts of August Osage County fame. The LA Times just gave it a thumbs up.

‘The best thing about Arney’s production is the rapport between the two leads. As Franco, Gathegi is always in exuberant motion, busting out ecstatic dance moves at any sign of approval, quipping and exhorting with a breathlessness that is just as dizzying. He’s a charmer, and he works overtime to get a reaction from Arthur, who, as played by Cole, is withdrawn yet not impervious to this young man’s charisma. This old progressive’s dried-up heart can still be touched.”

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  1. smitten_by_twilight says

    Go Edi! Wonder if I’ll ever get to see it?


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