Dakota Fanning Makes Best Actress Under 25 List

Film.com has released their Best Actress Under 25 List, and Dakota Fanning has made the cut.

Dakota Fanning
Age: 16
Let’s forget about the brooding little vampire she plays in the Twilight series. Can you say “paycheck”? Fanning started out young, mostly with roles on TV, and even graced an episode of Malcolm in the Middle like Emma Stone did. Fanning worked her way up, changing with the times and taking on more and more demanding roles. This past year she stepped into maybe her most demanding role yet — Cherie Currie in the band biopic The Runaways. Fanning takes on a lot for the role of the rock star who found herself buried in a life of drugs, booze, and sex at such a young age. One of the most interesting aspects of her role was that Fanning was the same age as Currie was during filming. Fanning portrays a young girl’s foray into the world of rock ‘n’ roll just as you’d expect it to happen. She’s come a long way since the screaming, crying girl running from killer aliens in War of the Worlds. The wide-eyed look of horror she sported in so many of her earlier films as a child has given way to a mature actress who is evolving with the types of roles she’s accepting.”

The list includes Ellen Page and Amanda Seyfried See the entire list in Film.com

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  1. Have to say…I do agree. There are so many great actresses under 25 but she is who pops into my head first every time. Dakota is amazing.

  2. She is the first person I think of when I think of someone under 25. I had no clue Ellen Page was under 25 though she is a great actress as well!

  3. Brittany Clark says:

    Dakota Fanning is a great Jane. I must say, her hair in this photo is WILD, but she is not the first actress i think if when i think of actresses under 25. There are too many!

  4. “Can you say “paycheck”?”


    I am sick of how some journalists feel obliged to gratuitously bash Twilight whenever they praise a) anyone associated with Twilight for their non-Twilight work (Dexter, Runaways etc.), b) any other vampire franchise (Let The Right One In, Vampire Diaries). It’s a cheap way to establish some kind of cred.

  5. I’m not surprised that Dakota is on the list. Not sure where she ranked but I would definitely rank her in the top 5. She is an awesome actress & her performance in The Runaways was nothing short of spectacular!

  6. RockinRobbin says:

    This probably won’t be a popular opinion, but Dakota really never impresses me. She seems a bit one dimensional and wooden in her performances. Ashley, Rachelle, and Kristen impress me a lot more, they can convey more with a glance or a look than I ever seem to get from Dakota, sorry, JMO.

    • I agree with you; I don’t think Dakota is anything special. She is decent, but I completely agree about Kristen, Ashley Rachelle, and even Nikki being more multidementional. I haven’t seen the runaways, but after I heard all the praise for Dakota as Jane when NM came out, I was a bit like “really?” when I saw the movie. She only has a few lines and delivers them well, but it’s not like she stole the show by any means.

      • my Royal family came to U.S.A. on the Mayflower and another blue blood of the Royal family is my cousin Robert Pattinson no joke it was said on tv/extra/the insider and mags.ect.

  7. I have been impressed with some of her work before especially I Am Sam. But I think what I am most impressed by is her ability to still be a normal teenager when she’s off screen. She’s not trying to act like she’s 25 and is keeping herself out of trouble. I think that is to be commended.

  8. You? guys are awesome !

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