Visit the Set of Breaking Dawn…Legally!

Marc Malken over at E! broke the story on this one.

“Picture this: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and YOU hanging on the set of Breaking Dawn.

Sounds far-fetched, yes? Well, maybe not…

A set visit to Breaking Dawn is up for auction in eBay starting today at 4 p.m. PST. Proceeds benefit Stand Up to Cancer, the organization that works to speed up the research and approval of cancer treatments.”

See more at E!

With a little help from our friends at RPattzNews we found the auction. Just click here.

You may remember the PSA for Stand Up To Cancer that featured Dakota Fanning (see below). In a later interview with ET, Dakota talked about how how cancer has affected her life because both her father’s parents died of cancer.


  1. Can I please just win the lottery between now and next week? Please?

  2. This is so unbelievably awesome! I wanted to visit this set, desperately.

  3. haha it’s gonna sell for like 14,000 or more. i don’t wanna meet the stars just see the sets and costumes

  4. Too bad, another … if you’re rich you can, if your poor, well too bad you don’t count, thing

    • Agreed. Although the money raised is going to a good cause, how about someone giving some real fans a chance to visit the set that doesn’t involve enormous amounts of money?

    • It’s for charity. Its not a too bad your poor thing. The goal is to raise as much money as possible for Stand Up to Cancer. I cant afford this, but I think its an awesome way to raise a nice chunk of change for a great cause!

    • True, If you’re a rich fan you can, not rich, totally outta luck. ugh

  5. That would be awsome!!!

    Glad I got to work with RPatz on water for elephants!!!! That maybe the closet I’ll get to him 😉

  6. I am confused can someone help. I thought all reports said it was filming in baton rouge but the auction says vancouver.

  7. it is filming in Vancouver, baton rouge, brazil and I think one other place. would be awesome to go but could never afford it.

  8. I have lose my mom and two of my aunt to cancer.This is so worth it to raise the money to find a cure. I love and miss you marme

  9. I wish I could afford this, it’s for such a good cause. My stepmom is in a nursing home, having survived a glioblastoma. Most people don’t survive longer than 6 months, and with cutting edge medicine she’s lived for 3 years. It would be nice to be able to bid on it, but whoever does you are giving to a wonderful cause.

  10. RockinRobbin says:

    It’s never going to stop at $14,000, it’s been online for about 7 hours and it’s already over $6,000. It’s a great cause, my gran died of cancer and I miss her everyday. But since I am just a poor simple disabled person, without a winning lottery ticket, I will just have to entertain myself watching to see how high it goes.

  11. I wish I could bid on it (I don’t have $6,100). My grandma died of cancer before I turned 5 so I know the money will be well spent. Congrats to the person who wins!

  12. So awesome! What a terrific cause!!! Some person is going to be so lucky- maybe they’ll post some pics for us! 🙂

  13. $6,100? Plus the cost of getting to Vancouver… I guess I’m not entering! Well have fun whoever wins!

  14. Christina Laviano says:

    $9600 and 7 days to go… I wish I was a rich man’s daughter!

  15. RockinRobbin says:

    And the winner is??????? Whoever it is they are now $60,100.00 (and no, that is not a misprint)lighter in the wallet! The auction ended on Sept. 17th and that was the winning bid. Well it goes for a great cause, but did anyone actually think it would go for 60 grand? wow is all I can say.


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