ET: Pop Culture Moments 2010

triobannerrevealTwilight and Twilight connected stars dominated this year’s ET Pop Culture  Moments list:

‘Valentine’s Day’ (February 12) – Director Garry Marshall’s ensemble romantic comedy may have fizzled at the box office like a bad date, but all eyes — and tabloids — were on cute couple Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, who dated briefly as a result of working together.

‘Remember Me’ (March 12) – Coming off the strength of his first two ‘Twilight’ hits, Robert Pattinson’s serious turn in this romantic drama got more press than box office for the film’s somewhat controversial 9/11 twist ending and the fact that most Twi-hards kept their distance.

The Runaways’ (March 19) – Coming off the strength off her first two ‘Twilight’ hits, expectations were high for Kristen Stewart’s turn as Joan Jett in this rock ‘n’ roll biopic of the all-girl ’70s band. Again, most Twi-hards kept their distance. On the plus side, former child star Dakota Fanning finally came into her own with her adult role as rocker Cherie Currie.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ (June 30) – Twi-hards continued to line up in droves, beginning with midnight screenings, to drink in the third chapter of the Stephenie Meyer vamps vs. werewolves saga this summer. The world got plenty of shirtless shots of Taylor Lautner, not to mention the big-screen ‘Twilight’ parody ‘Vampires Suck.'”

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  1. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    I think this pretty much proves what I’ve been saying all along… that most Twi-Hards really only like Robert and Kristen WHEN they are in Twilight, even though both stars performed (acting wise) better in their newer movies. Of course, if what E says is true, then the very fact that the two are winning almost every pop-culture contest shows that it isn’t because of their performances, but solely due to the fact that they are in Twilight.

    I just hope that when Twilight ends (eventually it will) that their careers won’t end too. Producers have already tried to milk their Twilight fame to gain extra dollars at the box office, to find that it didn’t happen. While Valentine’s Time wasn’t very good to begin with, Remember Me, The Runaways, and Rileys were very good movies, but didn’t due as well as everybody had hoped. If their “star power” can’t generate more movie income, producers won’t use them. Granted I think both Kristen and Robert are very capable actors and shouldn’t have problems generating roles solely based on their skills. They just won’t be able to rely on Twilight as a means to make money… of which in many ways, ultimately is a good thing.

    • Joshua L. Roberts says:

      Darn my enablity to edit… It is suppose to read… Valentine’s Day. 😛

    • Helen Pauline says:

      I think the problem with such low box offices with The Runaways and Welcome to the Riley’s is because they were both limited releases. I wanted to see both in theaters, but was unable to do so because they weren’t released anywhere near me.

  2. Well, this Twihard supports Rob and Kristen in their other roles besides Twilight. I saw Remember Me and The Runaways. They were both great films. Rob and Kristen did great in both of those movies. It’s a shame more people didn’t see The Runaways. Kristen rocked it as Joan Jett and Dakota was awesome too.

  3. I support the actors. But I prefer to only see both Rob and Kristen in the Twilight Saga. When they’re over, I’ll be cruisin for their new movies.

  4. First, The Runaways was rated R, so “most Twi-hards kept their distance” because they weren’t old enough to see it. And as Helen mentioned above, it was a limited release. Second, Remember Me was a successful film when you compare its box office to its budget. It’s not fair to call the movie a failure because it didn’t gross triple digit millions. Third, neither of these movies should have been expected to make Twilight-size money. They’re small indie films; they weren’t intended to be blockbusters. I’m so tired of seeing things being taken out of context.

    I didn’t get to see The Runaways but Remember Me has become one of my favorite films. Rob and Kristen are both talented actors regardless of how much money their movies make, and I look forward to seeing them in future non-Twilight roles.

    • switzy4ever14 says:

      I completely agree with everything you said. Just because it doesn’t hit Twilight fame, doesn’t mean it was a fail. And since the a good number of the people who see Twilight is under seventeen (not all, just a good number) how were we supposed to see The Runaways? I think Remember Me was awesome, I own it on DVD and I watch it all the time. And I’m sure The Runaways was equally good. Both actors deserve more credit for these films than they’re getting.

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