MTV: Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene’s Shopping Bond and Wedding Styling

Low Resolution: Honeymoon Scene from Comic Con

Here is the Jacob scene as well:

Hopefully a high resolution scene will be available. So far there doesn’t seem to be a problem with this scene since it was in finished format and meant for the public to be viewed. In the past, Summit has let things like this stay up, vs. stuff that was not completed and stolen which they have had taken down. We’re playing this by ear folks.

Comic Con Video: Kellan Lutz on The Immortals Panel

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Comic Con Video: Snow White and The Huntsman Panel With Kristen Stewart

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Live Blog Hall H Comic Con Kristen Stewart in The Huntsman

Should start in about 10 minutes. Hopefully better than the Immortals panel where the cast, other than Freida Pinto, did’t say very much.

Panelists include: Rupert Sanders director and 2 producers

Dave carter of EW is the moderator

They say the key is to find a modern tale that has deep emotional roots,not a movie with seven sequels built in

They wanted to make the difinative version that the Brothers Grimm would be proud of

Producers say their version ison the level of the Lord of the Rings and is a grittier version

Rupert Sanders the director has an exensive background directing Video game trailers such as Halo3

Huge cheer for Kristen Stewart

Kristen most excited the amazing ability to channel fear into a focseed and charged driing enrerge. She’s also teh people’s leader. She doesn’t let her heart cloud her mind….also I get a sword

Charlize says Kristen is going to give her a run for her money and says come on bitch let’s go.

Chris Hemmsworth has loved fantasy since a kid

Sam Claftin says playing the charming price is a suprising character for him, but loves the prince. NOt as Charming necessarity as one might htink

They are showing the cast in costume

Live Blog Hall H Kellan Lutz in The Immortals

Creative team descrining the gods as young, fierce , and pierced.

They deliberately made the gods young saying if you were immortal would you look like them or me?(pointing to middle-aged producer)

Director/producers on Kellan Lutz

You see him with hardly anything on on Calvin Klein bilboards throughout the world.

Interesting that on the panel Henry cavil is sitting next to Kellan Lutz. Henry was Stephenie Meyers vision on Edward when she first wrote the books in 2005

Kellan says “I’m the salty one”. “I’m always in the water” “I ma the god of wetness and moisture.”

Kellan says “I love my character. I love swimming I’m always in the water.”

Directors said they were looking for originality and cutting edge when it came to getting the young actors.

Kellan says his diving powers are all about being a young agile gods

Kellan waggles his eyebrows when his trident is mentioned

Other item on interest, Henry cavil (IMO) looks to be pushing 30 he would not have been able to pull off realistic 17 he looks way older than Kellan

Hilariously, they have referenced hot guys on this panel way more than in the Twilight panel. Seriously they are selling this on the studdliness of the guys

Kellan says Little Mermaid is his favorite movie, he jokes he watched it to prep for the film

Tonner Dolls At Comic Con

The ladies over at Twilightish sent over this photo pf the dolls as well.

Via Twilightish

Who do you think will be the new doll they are releasing in a month?

Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Liz Reaser, Julia Jones, and Booboo Stewart on SDCC Panel

The five costars did their own panel at SDCC. Here is the video from PopSugar for part one and links to the other segments.

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Fandango Talks With Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, and Elizabeth Reaser

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Fandango Interviews Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Bill Condon

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