SPOILERS: The Host Footage at SDCC

The first footage from The Host was shown at the tail end of the Breaking Dawn 2 panel. If you don’t want to be spoiled I suggest you stop reading now.

We saw a series of small clips, not a full trailer.

Melanie falls from the window.

Wanderer wakes up and is asked for her name.

The Seeker questions Wanderer about her host. Wanderer remembers Melanie and Jamie playing in the water when the Seekers came from them. Melanie screams at Wanderer not to tell about Jamie and then says “I hate you” when Wanderer does tell.

Melanie and Jamie are playing in the rain with Jared. They run inside to take cover, but Jared and Melanie kiss before going into the house.

Jared is outside of Wanderers cell in the tunnels when Ian and the others come to get her. Ian and Jared fight until Ian manages to pull her out and tries to strangle her. Jeb comes around the corner, shoots the roofs, and says that everyone is a guest in his house, including Wanderer.

The final scene shown was a chase scene between the humans and the Souls. The Souls drive all silver cars and fly all silver helicopters. Instead of being taken prisoner, a few humans (not Jared or Ian) drive right at a wall intent on crashing and killing themselves. We did not see the crash as the footage cut just before they hit the wall.