SPOILERS: Breaking Dawn 2 footage at SDCC

Here’s a run down of the footage that was shown at Comic Con. If you are trying to avoid spoilers, don’t read any further.

Bill Condon introduced the first clip and said since it has been 8 months since Bella opened her eyes, he figured it would be a good place to start. Then we saw the first 7 minutes of the film.

Bella opened her eyes and honed in on every specific detail of the room highlighting her new vampire senses. Then she and Edward touched hands and Edward said the line from the trailer, “We’re the same temperature now.” Bella hugged him and he said she was going to have to be careful with him now. Then they kissed.

Bella asks to see Renesmee. Edward points out Bella’s thirst and takes her hunting. She ends up smelling the human mountain climber and instead of killing him, jumps off a cliff and heads in the other direction. She then takes down a mountain lion, biting it in the jugular.

Bella and Edward go home and are greeted by Jacob who says the line from the trailer, “I didn’t expect you to be so you” Jacob explains that he’s the test to see if Bella can handle seeing Nessie. Bella smells him and tells him he stinks.

The second footage we saw was the Cullen family giving advice to Bella on how to act human around Charlie. They put in brown contacts and then proceed to deliver the lines from the book about moving slowly and crossing her legs when she sits. So Bella darts across to a chair a d then very carefully crosses her legs. They say not to sit too straight, so Bella slouches. Blink every 3 seconds, and Bella blinks very fast. Move your shoulders so you look like you’re breathing, and she awkwardly lifts her shoulders. Then she stands up and says she’s got it, move slow, blink, and slouch.

Everything looked just wonderful!


  1. Im so very jealous that you got to see the first seven minutes of Breaking Dawn part 2!

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for this!!
    May I ask how long was the 2nd clip, and if there were any Cullens in the room when Bella woke up, because in the final shots of BD1 everyone was looking impatiently at her… 🙂

  3. Ya thanks so much this is great

  4. What do you think are the chances of Summit putting up these clips for us all to see?

    I’ll beg. I’m definately not beyond begging. 😉

  5. Gah! I wish I could have been there. Did they have Edward touch Bella & her freaking out & flipping backward?

  6. Aileen Leon says

    I dont want to read it, but at the same time I do! Am just screaming at my computer with my eyes closed…. Yea I know I need therapy

  7. When and where can we see this footage????

  8. radiowidow says

    Thanks for letting us experience this vicariously through you!

  9. The second clip wasn’t that long, maybe 1,5 minutes. 🙂 The only way you can see the clip is if someone recorded it during the showing at Comic Con, but I wouldn’t count on anything.

  10. jennifer says

    QUESTION: Yahoo’s writer says that Edward pulls Bella to a stop to keep her from attacking the human (which, as we all know is wrong and would ruin the whole plot-point of her having such phenomenal self-control that enables her to carry out certain necessary tasks prior to the show-own) on her first hunt. However, you don’t say anything about Edward stopping her, just that she jumps off a cliff & attacks a cougar instead. Which is it? You don’t have to answer; I’m just curious. (:

    BTW, one of my very favorite parts of BD (the book) is when Bella gains her control after smelling the human and rounds on Edward as he’s chasing her. And how excited he is about ALL of that happening. Heehee

  11. Isabelle says

    Did anyone notice if someone was recording no matter how big or small Yahoo to a cellphone. I don’t care. I just want to see it since i couldn’t be there.

  12. I wish they would eventually release the footage to the public. Not all of us are fortunate enough to make it to Comic Con.

  13. I read a description of it at Collider and they said Jacob is the one who tells Bella it’s time to meet her daughter when she gets back from her first hunt, (that’s how I read it) is that what happened? If so that’s a big change from the book, (Edward says something to her) and that’s another change that will make me upset.

    • I hope not. That is Edward’s job. Jacob is not the father. That is not his place. But i would not put anything past Melissa Rosenberg. She has just about destroyed the saga with her poison pen anyway.

  14. Will we be getting the fan panel Q&A details or even summary? When were the clips shown?

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