Comic Con For Twilight Fans in 2013

We know of so many Twilight fans who have experienced Comic Con and are intending to go back again. Despite the media stupidity in thinking Twilight fans like only Twilight, we know that we have seen fellow fans at Game of Throne, Doctor Who, The Hobbit, Fringe, The Walking Dead, Firefly, Once Upon a Time panels…just to name a few. In any case, next summer there probably won’t be a Twilight presence, but there will likely be two franchises there that Twilight fans are into: The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments. Here’s the scoop on the tickets that went on sale this weekend and upcoming sales in 2013.

Many are confused about the badge registration process, so let us try to explain it, simply. The registration process is split into two phases, as it has been in subsequent years. The first phase is called the pre-registration, and is for people who attended the current year’s convention, which is what was held this past Saturday. The second phase is the open registration , which is registration to the general public, and will be held sometime early 2013. Generally pre-registration is held on-site during the con, but after last year’s mammoth lines, CCI opted for an online-only sale for 2012 attendees, with some additional restrictions on how many badges they could purchase and for whom.

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