Low res Breaking Dawn Comic Con Clip

Here is a low resolution version of the clip shown at Comic Con. Sometimes the studio is fine with these sometimes they aren’t We’re playing this one by ear. It is the beginning of the movie as Bella wakes up.

Via TwiExaminer


  1. FayeMassenroe says

    Love..espcially the shot of Edward’s hand with the wedding band.

  2. So excited!!! I’m loving the red eyed Bella!! I really wish they would post the rest of the clip for those of us not lucky enough to go to Comic Con.

    • jennifer says

      Agreed. I keep checking youtube, because you know SOMEONE recorded all of it and will post it eventually…

  3. Meredithmeredith says

    Be very careful when searching Comi Con 2012 Twilight clip on You Tube. I got a bad virus on my computer by clicking on a bad one.

  4. Oh man! My heart is beating so fast! I love that short clip & I wish we could see the whole thing!

    I’m so excited to finally see part 2 of Breaking Dawn in November!!!!!

  5. Aileen Leon says

    I promised myself to go without spoilers this year !! But its so hard !!

  6. anonymous says

    really the full clip was posted?

  7. Vampire-girl says

    Thanks Tex I watched that link you shared as well, personally I don’t want to watch 7mins as I don’t want to be spoiled that much, I do watch the clips though. But am not searching for the 2nd clip.

    I love how it shows how Bella can see more, and then it blurs and she spies Edward. I also love how she holds up her hand then rubs her fingers a bit feeling how the texture of her skin is different.

    I do hope they put in the line where Alice says the contacts will need to be replaced as they dissolve in the eyes, otherwise non book fans might wonder why Carlisle especially doesn’t wear contacts.

    And I saw the character art too that was wicked,

  8. Fiona Cullen says

    I have never been able to go to Comic Con, and I am so devastated that I have missed my last chance ever to go to Comic Con for Twilight. I live on the other side of the world, so it is a little difficult to get there. D:
    Thank you for only putting a short clip up, I want to stay relatively spoiler free so this is good. So far it look incredible, I want to hear Bella speak!!!

  9. Christina says

    Noooooo Lionsgate took it down before I could watch!!!

    • It’s okay. It was only thirty seconds long and I’m sure someone will upload another low res version of the seven minute video. You have to hurry up and see them while their availiable,before they take them down.

  10. Hey guys!

    So it really sucks the video is down but i was searching on google for the clip ect and decided to look up images and found this… http://robstenclan.blogspot.ca/2012/07/7-minutes-spoiler-of-breaking-dawn-part.html it looks like the moment when bella hugs edward but too hard, anyway it looks good and maybe some of you might like to see it. i just happen to come across it. Or it could be a fake image, i don’t know but it looks real.

  11. rhiannon says

    someone out there has it, but i have been searching for days and cant find it!!

  12. Emily White says

    I just searched and found both still “alive” on youtube. Granted don’t expect great quality – it is bootleg afterall. But they’re are some link still out there. Just an FYI in case anyone is still reading this article.

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