Happy Birthday Christian Serratos

A very Happy Birthday to Christian Serratos!

Today Christian is 19!

Christian Serratos Talks New Moon to MTV

There is also a different written interview here.

Christian Serratos Upcoming Photoshoot

Just got done with a PETA photo shoot. :) on TwitpicChristian Serratos is tweeting away now that she has joined Twitter nation!  She let fans know that she just finished a photoshoot for PETA, and sent out a behind the scenes photo.

Christian is a vegetarian and a PETA supporter. The Twilight movie costumers were sensitive to Christian’s preferences and she wore no animal-based products on set.

You can follow Christian on Twitter here.

Christian Serratos: Welcome to Twitter!

Christian Serratos, according to her mom (and number one cheerleader), has just entered the world of Twitter. Say follow Christian and say hello. So far, Christian only has one tweet up. It reads:

This is not conforming…This is networking. HELLO TWITTER.”

Her mom says she’ll put more stuff up shortly like photos and video, just give her a bit to figure out how it all works.

So go and follow Christian and say hi!

So add ChrissySerratos to list of fakes. The real one is Cserratos.

Christian Serratos: On New Moon Movie

Christina Radish on IESB talked to Christian Serratos about her Twilight experience, her varied talents besides acting, and more.

I remember going to set for the first day, and I wasn’t going to film, I was going to talk to hair and make-up, and meet Chris for the first time. I got out of the car and the A.D. came up to me and introduced herself, and she had an umbrella. It was actually hot in Vancouver, and they put umbrellas over you on modeling shoots when it’s really hot out. I was like, “Oh, you don’t have to do that. It’s not that bad out.” And, she was like, “No, it’s for the paparazzi,” and I was like, “Oh, my God, is that really how it’s going to be this time? Seriously?” Every time any one of the cast members went anywhere, they had to have guys with umbrellas around them because there were that many paparazzi. Just going outside and seeing dozens of people with signs, as if it’s a concert, I felt like Duran Duran. It was weird. ”

Check it all out on IESB

Mike Welch & Christian Serratos: Rob’s Crazy Life

Sexiest Vegetarian: Christian Serratos vs Liz Reaser

Peta has nominated Hollywood’s glamorous vegatarians in their Who’s the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian poll. Both Christian Serratos and Liz Reaser have been nominated. Other nominees include long-time vegetarian and PETA spokes people like Alicia Silverstone.

According to PETA:

“Each year, the crop of meat-free hotties gets larger and larger, and this year is no exception. Whether they’re ditching their meat habit because they don’t want to have any part in cruelty to animals or they’ve realized that a vegetarian diet is the best way to keep their flat tummies, the number of celebs shunning flesh is steadily rising.”

Go vote for your favorites here.

Michael Welch: Movie Premiere

Michael Welch was joined on the red carpet by Twilight buddies Justin Chon and Christian Serratos for the premiere of his film Lost Dream. TY to Jill and Vescara(photos)

“Set to grace the screen on May 7th at the Stanley Kramer Theater in Hollywood, Lost Dream is a timely story about the fading American Dream that stars Michael Welch and Shaun Sipos. Producer Mae Nekoba offered, “When casting our two leads we found two of the most impressive up-and-coming actors in the city.”

Michael Welch of Twilight and Joan of Arcadia, plays Perry, a privileged, young intellectual battling against his destiny not wanting to follow in his father’s political footsteps. Perry at this challenging crossroads in his life meets Giovanni, played by Shaun Sipos of The Grudge 2 and Comeback Season, an artist in search of his own voice. Giovanni represents a side that Perry desires providing a tumultuous friendship inducing a suicidal realm of self-discovery. Together, with the guidance of writer/director Ahmed, these two young actors crafted performances that carried the film through its dramatic highlights.

Writer/director Asif Ahmed conceived Lost Dream while attending college. The original script served as his senior thesis and still reflects the alienation and youthful yearning so many young people experience during this period; all set against the universal themes of political, social, and personal evolution.

Patricia Richardson (Home Improvement, Strong Medicine) also co-stars along with Jeremy Lond”

**WARNING** The trailer  is not rated by the MPAA. The material contains items of a graphic nature and mature theme.

Christian Serratos Says Thank You Chris Weitz, Stephenie Meyer

Christian Serratos updated her MySpace to talk about her New Moon experience:

I am finished filming New Moon. It was great to see everyone one again!

Chris Weitz was great! I can’t believe that I have been so fortunate to have worked with such talented people in such a short time. Stephenie, Catherine, Chris and more. I am so grateful! This time around I felt more comfortable letting the team know that when I was dressed as Angela,  I and Angela would prefer to be dressed animal cruelty free and they obliged. They were awesome! I’m so thankful that they went out of there way to find items that did not have animal products in them. It was touching…”

Congratulations Christian Serratos!

At the Young Artist Awards this past weekend, Christian won for her portrayal of Angela Weber in Twilight. Dakota Fanning also won for her work in The Secret Lives of Bees. The awards recognize artists for work completed when they are under age 18.

Christian also did a new photo shoot. Christian’s inspiration was Kill Bill (the movie).

There are more photos on Christian’s MySpace.