Christian Serratos Upcoming Photoshoot

Just got done with a PETA photo shoot. :) on TwitpicChristian Serratos is tweeting away now that she has joined Twitter nation!  She let fans know that she just finished a photoshoot for PETA, and sent out a behind the scenes photo.

Christian is a vegetarian and a PETA supporter. The Twilight movie costumers were sensitive to Christian’s preferences and she wore no animal-based products on set.

You can follow Christian on Twitter here.


  1. She looks beautiful.

  2. I’m not a huge PETA fan but I am a vegan and I support wearing non-animal based products so kudos to her 🙂 It’s great to see activism in Hollywood.

  3. She looks so gorgeous in the photos on her twitter. I love her makeup.

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