Christian Serratos: On New Moon Movie

Christina Radish on IESB talked to Christian Serratos about her Twilight experience, her varied talents besides acting, and more.

I remember going to set for the first day, and I wasn’t going to film, I was going to talk to hair and make-up, and meet Chris for the first time. I got out of the car and the A.D. came up to me and introduced herself, and she had an umbrella. It was actually hot in Vancouver, and they put umbrellas over you on modeling shoots when it’s really hot out. I was like, “Oh, you don’t have to do that. It’s not that bad out.” And, she was like, “No, it’s for the paparazzi,” and I was like, “Oh, my God, is that really how it’s going to be this time? Seriously?” Every time any one of the cast members went anywhere, they had to have guys with umbrellas around them because there were that many paparazzi. Just going outside and seeing dozens of people with signs, as if it’s a concert, I felt like Duran Duran. It was weird. ”

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  1. What a sweet girl- she would have made a cute Bella too. Not now, Kristen’s face is all I see when I read the books, but in the beginning, I can see it.

  2. Very cute! I agree. I remember seeing those photos on set. Interesting. She looked gorgeous at the MTV awards. My favorite of all the girls.

  3. Her and Ashely were, to me, the best dressed out of the entire cast on the red carpet. She is really pretty and I’m glad she went to the MTV awards.

    She, Mike, Justin and few other human twi-actors who are actully going out in public more though not many people pay attention becasue of all of Rob and Kirsten shadowing everyone else.

    Am I mistaken or did Nikki miss the MTV awards? I didn’t see her there.

  4. who is she playing in the movie?

  5. oh w8 i know now never mind lol

  6. *snort* Duran Duran…that’s hilarious!


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