Mike Welch & Christian Serratos: Rob’s Crazy Life


  1. OMG. Eminem’s an ***hole!

  2. Did anyone else just see that?

  3. Was he being serious? Was it staged? I couldn’t tell if he was acting or if he was really being an jerk.

  4. Jeannaly says:

    her dress is completely see through, i think that michael and Christian may be daityng

  5. Did they put the trailer online yet?

  6. Don’t think so, safina. I’m sure the Lex is putting it up though. Any minute now.

  7. Rebecca says:

    did anyone see the trailer?!

    it was amazing!!!!
    haha Jacob in wolf form is awesome!
    and jasper = hot!

  8. What happened with eminem I can’t se the vid on my computer, Argh!

  9. Devon061381 says:

    lol Sasha Baron Cohen as his new movie character Bruno came down from the sky with his naked rear end hanging out, and landed on Eminem, who flipped out and his thug entourage was pushing and hitting SBC out of the way, Em was swearing up a storm, the mics got turned off, and he walked out! hahahahaha wow.

    the New Moon trailer looks off the hook!!! I cannot wait until November! wow.

  10. Thanks!

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