Kellan Lutz Shows His Talent on Lopez Tonight

George Lopez has had most of the Twilight cast on recently, (click  for Kristen juggling, Peter playing La Bamba, Booboo doing martial arts, and Billy Burke’s toothpick trick). Now it’s Kellan Lutz’s turn.

Lopez Tonight: Peter Facinelli and Liz Reaser

George Lopez continues his Twilight Week with Peter Facinelli and Liz Reaser. He’s also continuing with his Twilight’s Got Talent feature. On a persoanl note, I’m really loving George’s coverage. It’s not all about him, it’s all about the guest and making that guest comfortable so they shine. It’s kind of old school Carson in a way, I’m at least loving it.

George Lopez: Kristen Stewart

Shout out to Kristen’s dad who is one of the industry’s top notch stage managers working live events like the Oscars. He is also the regular stage manager on the George Lopez show.

Last night George began with Twilight Talent Week. He showcased Charlie Bewley’s Rugby skills and Booboo Stewart’s martial arts skills. Now it’s Kristen’s turn.

George Lopez: Billy Burke, and Julia Jones

Both Kristen Stewart’s dads were a part of last night’s show. On screen dad Billy Burke was a guest and her real-life dad, John, is the stage manager for Lopez Tonight.

Soundtrack musician Cee Lo Green also appeared.

Charlie Bewley and Booboo Stewart on George Lopez

George Lopez is having what he called Twilight Week. Last night was Charlie Bewley and Booboo Stewart.

Tonight George has Kristen Stewart, Cee Cee Low,Billy Burke and Julia Jones

Taylor Lautner on George Lopez

Taylor Lautner was a guest on George Lopez. TY to Mary for the links.