Cider Sky Talk Their Song in The Wedding of Breaking Dawn During Jacob Scene

Cider Sky talks how they got on the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack and the perks of getting on the album.

And in case you missed it, out own feature with Cider Sky and other soundtrack artists.

Twilight Lexicon Interview: Alex Patsavas & The Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Artists

On the Breaking Dawn premiere carpet, we had the chance to interview legendary music supervisor, Alex Patsavas, and The Breaking Dawn Soundtrack artists: Cider Sky, Imperial Mammoth, and Mia Maestro who also plays Carmen.

We want to give a shout out to our Breaking Dawn premiere buddies: Twilight Examiner, Twilight facebook, and Twilight Series Theories!

Best Placed Songs In The Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

We have gotten more comments, emails, tweets, etc. on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack than any other soundtrack in the franchise. It’s not even close to the previous frontrunner, Twilight. The Twilight Examiner, Amanda Bell, has a really great article up on the 5 best placed songs in the movie.

5. The Noisettes – “Sister Rosetta”: One of the things Breaking Dawn – Part 1 did really well was to add some humor in the in-between points, and “Bella’s” need for “a few human moments” was one such. She races around trying to prepare for what is, to just about every woman, a pivotal night in her life by brushing her teeth, shaving her legs, and picking out something to wear. “Sister Rosetta” was a great song for this scene because it was quick, happy, and a little bit rattling, just like “Bella.” I also quite like the joinder of the lyric, “Queens of Twilight” with “Bella.” She is, after all, the “Queen” of Twilight.

4. Carter Burwell – “Love, Death, Birth”: This piece of the score came in at the point when “Bella” is fighting for not just her own life but for her baby’s as well. A lot happens here. “Renesmee” comes into being, for one, and “Bella” dies and is re-born herself. Burwell’s return to the Saga for Breaking Dawn was an exciting one, and having him score this moment proves just why.

Check out the rest of Amanda’s choices here.

Do you agree with her selection?

Interview With Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Artist Sleeping at Last’s Ryan O’Neal

The folks over at Pattinson Post had the opportunity to interview Ryan O’Neal of Sleeping At Last. Their song, Turning Page, is on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack out today!

Pattinson Post: How would you describe your music?

Sleeping at Last: that should be such an easy question to answer, but i always seem to stumble over it! i’ll give it my best shot though… my music is sometimes on the gentler side of things. it features a rotating cast of different instruments.. from guitars, drums and bass instrumentation to pianos, banjos, ukeleles, and lots of orchestral instruments as well. i love strings! so strings find their way often into my songs. i’d say the genre fits somewhere in between indie, folk and alternative. aside from that, i just try to write very personal songs.

PP: You wrote “Turning Page” exclusively for the soundtrack. How did that happen?

SAL: yes! i wrote “turning page” a few months back, as a hopeful submission for the film. it’s a love song! i watched the 3 previous films back to back and did a bit of research on what’s to come in the story… and gave it my best shot! i couldn’t believe it when i found out that it was chosen! there was a few months that went by after i submitted the song and i hadn’t heard any word on it, so when i heard the news, only a little while ago now, it was all completely surreal… still shocked. i just feel so extremely privileged to be a part of the twilight saga, and am so grateful to the folks behind the scenes for giving this song a home in their film. i cannot wait for the soundtrack and film to release and for folks to hear it!

Check out more of this terrific interview over at Pattinson Post.

Bill Condon Talks Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

As many of you know from listening to the free preview of the soundtrack, there is a new version of “Flightless Bird, American Mouth.”  MTV talked to director Bill Condon about revisiting the song.

“I always thought of this movie as the bookend to the first movie, and that was such a great powerful, romantic song for those characters,” he told MTV News during a phone interview last week. “It just felt right to kind of refer back to it at this important, important moment,” he added about “Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” the first of the two-part finale.
Even though Condon wouldn’t state where or when the song was used in the film, he did add that there are other pieces of music from previous films that will be revisited.

“Musically, I would say at the wedding there’s a jazz quartet that plays a couple of tracks from ‘Eclipse.’ Carter Burwell has come back to do the score. He did the first movie, so ‘Bella’s Lullaby’ features in this movie too.”

Read the whole story at MTV.

Listen to the Breaking Dawn Pt 1 Soundtrack!

From now until Sunday Oct. 30 at 7:30 am PT fans can listen to the entire Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack for FREE by following this link to the Twilight Facebook Page.  Let us know what your favorite song is by leaving us a post!

1. The Joy Formidable- Endtapes
2. Angus & Julia Stone- Love Will Take You
3. Bruno Mars- It Will Rain
4. Sleeping At Last- Turning Page
5. The Features- From Now On
6. Christina Perri- A Thousand Years
7. Theophilus London- Neighbors
8. The Belle Brigade- I Didn’t Mean It
9. Noisettes- Sister Rosetta (2011 Version)
10. Cider Sky- Northern Lights
11. Iron & Wine- Flightless Bird, American Mouth
(Wedding Version)
12. Imperial Mammoth- Requiem On Water
13. Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz- Cold
14. Mia Maestro- Llovera
15. Carter Burwell- Love Death Birth
16. Hard-Fi- Like A Drug
17. Sleeping At Last- Turning Page (Instrumental)
18. Kevin Teasley- Eclipse (All Yours)
19. Bruno Mars- It Will Rain (Video)

Hear the Breaking Dawn Sountrack FREE!

This just in from Summit Entertainment:

This Saturday 10/29, as dawn breaks over Forks, WA at 7:30am PT, you can listen to ALL of the BREAKING DAWN – PART 1 soundtrack for FREE on the soundtrack tab of our Facebook page (! The album stream will be live for a full 24 hours – until 7:30am PT on Sunday 10/30!

Twilight Soundtracks Boost Musicians Careers

The title may sound pretty obvious to Twilight fans. I for one would never have listened to Muse or Sia if it weren’t for the Twilight connection. Now Rolling Stone confirms what most fans might have guessed,

Christina Perri is a Twi-hard – she even has a Twilight-themed tattoo to prove it. So when the 25-year-old singer found out her swooner of a love song “A Thousand Years” was going to be included on the soundtrack for the new Twilight film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, she was more than enthused. “I really had to contain myself,” Perri tells Rolling Stone. “I was sweating I was so excited.”

No surprise – having a track featured on a Twilight soundtrack offers unparalleled exposure. The movie series has a diehard fan base – the three films have grossed nearly $1.7 billion at the box office – and Twilight fans are music fans, as well: since 2008, the three films’ soundtracks have sold a combined five million copies in the U.S. alone. Joy Formidable frontwoman Ritzy Bryan, who learned a month ago that her band’s moody track “Endtapes” would serve as the opening cut for the Breaking Dawn soundtrack, is confident that being included in the film will open new avenues for the breaking London trio. “I think we’re definitely going to reach people that won’t have heard of the band,” Bryan says. “That can only be a good thing.”

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Twilight Fan and Soundtrack Artist Christina Perri Shoot Video

Christina Perri took to her Twitter to talk about a Breaking Dawn video shoot.

just had the most epic fitting…in the most epic dress… for my epic #breakingdawn “a thousand years” music video shoot tomorrow! ahhh!

official update from my top secret #breakingdawn “a thousand years” music video shoot: “AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” 🙂

it’s a wrap on my music video for “a thousand years”!!!!!!!! omgoodness it was unforgettable. can’t wait for u to see!!! 🙂

She also tweeted a picture of her holding what looks to be a cupcake or maybe a prop snow ball? Who knows, maybe it figures into her video?

The Joy Formidable Didn’t Realize Quite How Big the Twilight Franchise Was

At this point it’s pretty hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of Twilight at all who is in the entertainment industry. However finding someone who doesn’t realize how big is big isn’t all that uncommon. MTV interviewed Ritzy Bryan of the Breaking Dawn soundtrack band The Joy Formidable who was in this exact situation. [Read more…]