The Joy Formidable Didn’t Realize Quite How Big the Twilight Franchise Was

At this point it’s pretty hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of Twilight at all who is in the entertainment industry. However finding someone who doesn’t realize how big is big isn’t all that uncommon. MTV interviewed Ritzy Bryan of the Breaking Dawn soundtrack band The Joy Formidable who was in this exact situation.

There are some bands prepared for the increased attention that a spot on a “Twilight” soundtrack brings. And then there are bands like voluminous rockers the Joy Formidable who, despite snagging the opening slot on the upcoming “Breaking Dawn” soundtrack, remain blissfully unaware of everything to come. Or, really, everything about the “Twilight” series, for that matter.

“I can’t say I’ve ever read one. I haven’t seen the films either, but I have heard the soundtracks, and I was familiar with some of the songs, you know, Metric and the Black Keys,” frontwoman Ritzy Bryan told MTV News. “So I was more aware of the musical side of ‘Twilight’ than I was the books or the movies. Actually, I know very little [about the books]. I know they’re about vampires, and I know they’ve connected very much with an audience … so they’re obviously much enjoyed by a lot of people.”

See more of the written interview at MTV or watch below.

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