Interview With Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Artist Ryan from Sleeping at Last

Twilightish has a really great interview up with Ryan from Sleeping at Last.

So you’ve seen the movie. How did you feel about your song’s placement in the film?

Ryan: I was totally, totally blown away. With all film projects, especially something as secretive and big as Twilight they’re very careful with what they tell you in terms of what scene it will be in. Things change so frequently and they told me it might be in or around the wedding scene and it might be in the first love scene during the honeymoon. So when I saw it for the first time at the premiere it was insanely special. With TV and film placements you never know if your song will play for 7 seconds or if it’s going to be playing in the background from far away. There are placements that are like that and it’s still a huge honor but to be placed in a scene so special and that has no dialogue over it is such a dream come true for me.

How did you feel about the audience’s reaction?

Ryan: Oh my gosh, it couldn’t have been more amazing. I mean, the group of people at the premiere was so intense and passionate about Twilight so it couldn’t have been a better audience to see it with for the first time.

Since you didn’t see the film prior to writing the song, did you know what you wanted to write the song about? 

Ryan: I watched all 3 of the previous films back-to-back and I knew from friends who had read the story where the relationships were going and obviously I knew a wedding was going to happen so I wrote the song from Edward’s perspective. I tried to imagine what that might sound like; those relationships maturing and developing. I really liked Edward’s character. I was totally Team Edward from the first film on.

See the rest on Twilightish.

Interview With Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Artist Sleeping at Last’s Ryan O’Neal

The folks over at Pattinson Post had the opportunity to interview Ryan O’Neal of Sleeping At Last. Their song, Turning Page, is on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack out today!

Pattinson Post: How would you describe your music?

Sleeping at Last: that should be such an easy question to answer, but i always seem to stumble over it! i’ll give it my best shot though… my music is sometimes on the gentler side of things. it features a rotating cast of different instruments.. from guitars, drums and bass instrumentation to pianos, banjos, ukeleles, and lots of orchestral instruments as well. i love strings! so strings find their way often into my songs. i’d say the genre fits somewhere in between indie, folk and alternative. aside from that, i just try to write very personal songs.

PP: You wrote “Turning Page” exclusively for the soundtrack. How did that happen?

SAL: yes! i wrote “turning page” a few months back, as a hopeful submission for the film. it’s a love song! i watched the 3 previous films back to back and did a bit of research on what’s to come in the story… and gave it my best shot! i couldn’t believe it when i found out that it was chosen! there was a few months that went by after i submitted the song and i hadn’t heard any word on it, so when i heard the news, only a little while ago now, it was all completely surreal… still shocked. i just feel so extremely privileged to be a part of the twilight saga, and am so grateful to the folks behind the scenes for giving this song a home in their film. i cannot wait for the soundtrack and film to release and for folks to hear it!

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