Best Placed Songs In The Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

We have gotten more comments, emails, tweets, etc. on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack than any other soundtrack in the franchise. It’s not even close to the previous frontrunner, Twilight. The Twilight Examiner, Amanda Bell, has a really great article up on the 5 best placed songs in the movie.

5. The Noisettes – “Sister Rosetta”: One of the things Breaking Dawn – Part 1 did really well was to add some humor in the in-between points, and “Bella’s” need for “a few human moments” was one such. She races around trying to prepare for what is, to just about every woman, a pivotal night in her life by brushing her teeth, shaving her legs, and picking out something to wear. “Sister Rosetta” was a great song for this scene because it was quick, happy, and a little bit rattling, just like “Bella.” I also quite like the joinder of the lyric, “Queens of Twilight” with “Bella.” She is, after all, the “Queen” of Twilight.

4. Carter Burwell – “Love, Death, Birth”: This piece of the score came in at the point when “Bella” is fighting for not just her own life but for her baby’s as well. A lot happens here. “Renesmee” comes into being, for one, and “Bella” dies and is re-born herself. Burwell’s return to the Saga for Breaking Dawn was an exciting one, and having him score this moment proves just why.

Check out the rest of Amanda’s choices here.

Do you agree with her selection?


  1. I love the Carter Butwell score. It made the scene so moving! I especially love the part when Bella is healing and transforming, it makes me come over all emotional. And her memories are pieced together so beautifully. And when you see those eyes open – how excited do you feel for part 2? I LOVED it 🙂

  2. Joshua L. Roberts says

    I completely agree about Carter Burwell’s score. I readily admit that I hated the first Twilight score because it felt so choppy and harsh, and having heard many of his other scores, I was completely disappointed. When I heard that he would be coming back to the series, I wasn’t very pleased, however having heard his Breaking Dawn score, I have to say, that with a much larger budget and a full orchestra, those choppy tunes from the original Twilight, came out completely amazing.

    • Melissa Alequin-Viveiros says

      I totally agree with you. I was fearful of how the score would turn out to be in BD because the one for Twilight just irks me. But it was awesome. I loved it!

  3. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    I totally agree! Turning Page in particular (for me) is astoundingly wonderful!! It so perfectly describes Edward and Bella and was perfect for their honeymoon. And I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED the incorporation of Flightless Bird and the watch Bill Condon shot it! So reminiscent of the prom scene and how everything has come full circle. WONDERFUL!

    • Elizabeth, I agree with you 100%. It’s funny because when I listened to the soundtrack (before the movie came out), I didn’t really like Turning Page. Then when I saw the movie and heard how much it added to the honeymoon scene, I loved it! It has this sweet, luxurious slowness that really fit the moment. When I hear that song now, I just picture those lovely honeymoons scenes in my head.

      And, yes, the Iron & Wine song was awesome in this movie. I also loved the camera moving around E & B as they kissed at the wedding. Just took me right back to the first movie, and I could celebrate how far they’ve come.

  4. I have been in love with the piece, Love, Death, Birth since the first time I heard it on the day of the free live stream. I think it’s beautiful and it fit perfectly where it was used and love how it has Bella’s lullaby in it. Her lullaby has always been my favorite piece of all the movies. I am so looking forward to the release of the score. I am sure it will be an amazing thing to listen too. Carter is truly awesome.

    • i agree how can you not love the bellas lullaby i thought it was beautiful twilight and breaking dawn will always be my favorite books and movies of the four

  5. I’ve only seen it once, and I notice more the second time around. Anyone remember where the Christina Perri song is place?

  6. Flightless bird was perfect! It brought it all around. The kiss at the end of Twilight seemed more to be the beginning of “them” and to bring that back for their first kiss as husband and wife, perfect – very romantic, sweet, and loving. One of the best parts of the movie.
    Agree also with Amanda’s review of Cold, during the bathroom scene in which we see just how much Bella is wasting away. It was an excellent choice for this scene, eerie and shocking. I remember hearing people gasp, and saw a few turn away at how sickly she looked. Great song choice.

  7. Do wish that A Thousand Years was incorporated more into the movie. Actually, I wish that were Bella’s Lullaby. It’s so lovely. Truely a beautiful song.

  8. Donna Mackenzie says

    Where is Christina Perry’s A Thousand Years I have seen the film twice now & I still can’t find it its such a well suited song.

    • The instrumental to “A Thousand Years” was played when Bella is walking down the aisle. It shows her veil, the back of her dress, etc… They play the full version in the credits.

      • Actually it’s the instrumental version of Turning Page that plays during Bella’s walk down the aisle. A Thousand Years is in the credits after It Will Rain (which follows the extra Volturi scene).

        • It’s actually in the movie forgive me I can’t fully remember the scene but it’s in the wedding and It Will Rain plays as they’re leaving the house. They just used the instrumentals.

  9. Yeah, I loved all of the ones she pointed out in the article. I also loved the instrumental version of “Turning Page” that plays as Bella is walking down the isle during the wedding; it’s just gorgeous. I also liked that they included an instrumental segment of Sia’s “My Love” in the wedding reception.

    • Me, too! I didn’t notice the instrumental of “My Love” the first time I saw it, but the second time when I picked up on it it made my heart squeeze remembering the original scene it was played in. I really loved all the memories they tied into this film from Edward and Bella’s relationship through the films. So satisfying and it made it feel like a real wedding, full of emotion and romance.

  10. ok first off I like to say the score made the movie. It made me go back and purchase the score for Twilight. It really was the missing piece in the other movies. You needed Carter’s score to connect them. It would be like having Start Wars without Darth Vaders march.
    The music was very important. Her transformation- beautiful. And the music just enhanced all of it. Another song I like was Cold- that was placed nice. I think that Thousand Years song is pretty – but remember Decode was never in Twilight either- it was just in the credits. It just captured the feel of the film very well. I am very pleased with the music and happy that Carter is doing the score to both films!

  11. a thousand years is when edward and bella leave the house after the wedding. (but it’s just the music not christiina perii singing)

  12. I am loving the soundtrack too. I love A Thousand Years and the Bruno Mars song. I’ve been listeing to those songs over and over.

  13. When I heard Turning Page I instantly began to cry. I knew it would have to play while she walked down the aisle and coupled with their first night was mind blowing. I think this CD had the most “Twilight” infused music. The lyrics were clearly Twilight not just a subtle hint but a smack you on the head thing. I think the article beautifully explains how each of those great songs were about Twilight.


    i mean, seriously? go listen to the lyrics. try to tell me that the beginning little rift is not perfect for the scene.


  15. I loved the bathroom scene when bella was FREAKING out that music was perfect! I miss Muse they were not a part of this one. I thought the non traditional wedding music fit perfect since well how many vampire human wedding are there? 🙂

  16. I thought Cold was the absolute best placed song—it was such a horrifying moment, seeing how ill Bella is supposed to be, everyone in the entire theater was completely silent…

  17. Baldywrights says

    Any idea what the song (instrumental with guitar and voice) playing when they leave for their honeymoon and upon arriving to isle esme? Sounds like Lizzy, and I think it’s haunting and makes my heart break when Jacobs howl resonates through it…all the songs on the soundtrack are awesome, Turning page is absolutely perfect, the
    Lyrics make me a little weepy :’/

  18. Bella walks to butterfly waltz

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