Cider Sky Talk Their Song in The Wedding of Breaking Dawn During Jacob Scene

Cider Sky talks how they got on the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack and the perks of getting on the album.

And in case you missed it, out own feature with Cider Sky and other soundtrack artists.


  1. I love the song Northern Lights!
    It worked so well in the movie with Bella and Jacob dancing at the wedding.

  2. The album is the best! But then i did think that with all the rest,i play them constantly. But could someone please tell me,having seen BREAKING DAWN 5times,when is Christina Perri’s ‘A thousand Years’ is played,i read in the credits,but didnt hear it!??:)

  3. There are four different songs played during the credits:
    “Endtapes” The Joy Formidable -starts just after Bella’s eyes open
    “I Didn’t Mean It” The Belle Brigade- during the Volturi scene
    “It Will Rain” Bruno Mars- after the close up on Aro
    and then…..
    “A Thousand Years” Christina Perri- through the end of the credits

    I’m the type who always sits through the credits to any movie and I’m up to 5 times on this one, too. The third time I was the only one left in the theater and sang along to the songs. I can tell you where all the songs are in the movie. 🙂

    • I do love this song as it’s played with Bella and Jacobs’ scene. But I agree I love them all and thought they fit perfectly.

      I’ve found all of the songs in the movie but two, Love Will Take You There and Neighbors. Do you know where those parts are?

      • I’m pretty sure “Love will Take You There” is played as Bella is being introduced to the Denali coven. It’s very quick. And “Neighbors” is played just after “Northern Lights.” NL is played as Bella and Jacob are dancing and then it transitions to “Neighbors” while Jacob is being pulled away by the pack and then you can really hear it as Bella and Edward start to walk back to the reception.

    • The ushers waiting to clean the theater so other people can go in and sit down hate you.