More Breaking Dawn Images

We’ve been seeing a few new images around the web today in various places like RobStenation and PattinsonWorld and even from the German article that we posted about earlier today.  We’re not sure if the foreign press were given different images than we were, but the photos are simply great! Let us know which of these new photos is your favorite in the comments. UPDATE: With Laura at the convention in Boston, Lori is doing the news!  I don’t speak Spanish so I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  But the photos were originally posted on Aurum Producciones Facebook page.  They are a distributor for the Twilight Saga in the Spanish market.  Mystery solved!


And here is one of Renee talking to the couple at what looks like the wedding reception.

Here is a shot of The Black Pack with Leah and Seth in the distance.

And one more photo of Bill Condon directing Rob and Kristen.