More Breaking Dawn Images

We’ve been seeing a few new images around the web today in various places like RobStenation and PattinsonWorld and even from the German article that we posted about earlier today.  We’re not sure if the foreign press were given different images than we were, but the photos are simply great! Let us know which of these new photos is your favorite in the comments. UPDATE: With Laura at the convention in Boston, Lori is doing the news!  I don’t speak Spanish so I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  But the photos were originally posted on Aurum Producciones Facebook page.  They are a distributor for the Twilight Saga in the Spanish market.  Mystery solved!


And here is one of Renee talking to the couple at what looks like the wedding reception.

Here is a shot of The Black Pack with Leah and Seth in the distance.

And one more photo of Bill Condon directing Rob and Kristen.


  1. I love the pic with Bella and Edward smiling as they talk with Renee.

  2. Bella and Edward are in their travel clothes, so more likely Renee talking to them as leaving rather than at the reception. No favorites. They are all nice.

  3. Of course, I love them all but fave would have to be the first. This is obviously a serious moment by Edwards stare. It looks like a scene for the morning after and Edwards like seriously Bella tell me how bad did I hurt u. And Bella looks like she may go into a rant of how he shouldn’t bring her down because she’s really happy at the moment…or could be Edward just told her no more sex til she’s changed and Bellas like what?

    • Fiona Cullen says

      Me too! I love how Edward is gazing at Bella, it is beautiful.
      I LOVE ALL THESE STILLS. But I have to painfully admit that I am not a huge fan of Edward’s hair at the wedding reception. 🙁 I don’t like the combover look too much.

  4. I love the one of Bella and Edward talking to Rene!

  5. Gives me goose bumps! I can’t take the pressure anymore! Of course Bella, Edwards and Renee..

    • I know!Its so dermtec how a tuf citty girl meets a coold harted so called human Edward!!I was scared to deth in …i think it was eclips..any way i was scared when they killed that yung vampier girl just cause she didnt know who made her!HOW STUPED!!!

  6. Well..not in a dad way..more like a….mean way!Yea thats wat i meant!

  7. Twilight dreamer says

    The 1st, its really probably the next morning because the fabric bella’s wearing looks like a bathrobe!

  8. I have a love hate thing going on here. Love the pics but I also dont want to see anymore…I want some scenes to be a surprise.

  9. as much as I love seeing these pictures I feel like I’m seeing the entire movie without sound lol

  10. Olympic coven says

    Maybe on September 13 we’ll get a new clip. What a nice gift that would be

  11. Now that I look at it again i think the reason I like the first pic…it reminds me of the way Edward looked at Bella when he saved her in the parking lot. After the focus moved from his hand on the crushed vehicle to when they both look at each other and I can see it in this similar look on Edwards face.

  12. olympic coven says

    I think this new scene with Edward and Bella preceeds the other still we saw of Kristin looking in the mirror and seeing her bruises. The clothing looks the same (his dark shirt and her bathrobe). Love Renee talking with the happy couple. Love to see the pack.

    Love it all but wish they’d be able to squeeze in another trailer even if it’s 30 seconds.

  13. I think the 1st pic is when Bella is feeling sick an they are in the bathroom an she’s telling him her syptoms.

  14. I really like the Jacob, Leah and Seth photo! It’s a really nice shot if it’s similar to what the actual filming looks like.