Join The Twitter Party and Win a DVD of Breaking Dawn Pt. 1

Walmart is sponsoring a Twitter party on Thursday Feb. 9 from 6 – 7 PM EST to help build up the excitement for the release of Breaking Dawn Pt. 1.  Join us on Twitter to talk about the film.  Walmart is providing us with five copies of the film to give away to those who participate in the twitter party.

Bella’s Wedding Special Edition features:

  • the collectible wedding dress packaging
  • Fabric poster of Bella and Edward’s big day
  • Music videos from Bruno Mars and Christina Perri

To help us out, we want to know what you want to discuss at the party!  Leave us a comment with what you want us to tweet about and we will pick a winner at random from those of you who leave a suggestion.

All winners must be from the continental United States.



  1. I would like to know if anyone else was disappointed that the scene in which Edward is so desperate for Bella’s well-being that he tells Jacob he could provide her with children if that is what she wanted? That was my favorite part from the book, and I wonder if it was even filmed that we might see it on the extras somewhere down the road? Thank you

  2. I would like to discuss the Wedding. Personally, It was my favorite part of the movie. Just watching it I could feel the intensity of it and the excitement. It was just really amazing :).

  3. Bella’s transformation after birth.

  4. Franci Carpenter says:

    The wedding and the honeymoon were absolutely my favorite parts of the movie. And I love it when Kristen has said how important it was to her too.

  5. I’m kinda bummed that there aren’t any deleted scenes!

  6. Frances kutsch says:

    I want to talk about the wedding and Bella’s dress/shoes. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  7. Adilia Megara says:

    I would like to discuss some of our favorite parts of the book that didn’t make it into part I of the movie. Ex: When Bella couldn’t drive the “armored car” to the gas station! I can’t wait for BD:I to come out…so excited!

  8. Would love to discuss what wasn’t in the movie.

  9. I would like to talk about the feelings on both Bella/Edward while they were goin through her pregnancy.. How deep Edwards love is for Bella and hers in return for him but also her baby! First real fight between them <3

  10. I loved the whole movie 🙂 but my fav part I Cant think of one

  11. Bella born again

  12. Ana Carolina Nesello Siqueira says:

    Hello people of Walmart I wonder if Edward asked please procreate with Bella to Jacob, if he do change dde idea! Also wanted to know if it’s true that Bella dies! Because I love the movies and did not want acabase! Thank you for your attention!

    • Não Intereça says:


  13. I think It would love to discuss our expectations for breaking dawn part 2 since some are showing a preview of it… And also Bella as a vampire 🙂

  14. Ana Carolina Nesello Siqueira says:

    Hello everyone from Walmart would love to win this DVD because I have no money to buy! I heard Bella dies at the end of the film and I wonder what happens to your child! So I want to win this DVD!
    Thank you for your attention!

  15. Ana Carolina Nesello Siqueira says:

    Hello everyone from Walmart would like to win this DVD because I wanted to know what really happens in Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2! Some say that Bella dies others say that she lives and others say that she saw a vampire! I do not know what happens and I would have this DVD to be able to know the truth! thank you for your attention!

  16. Ana Carolina Nesello Siqueira says:

    I wish you revelasem some parts of the film and talk about the actors as Kristen (Bella), Robert Pattison (Edward) Taylor Lautner (Jacob) and the new daughter Bella, Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy)! and much more! It would be super cool! Thank You for attention!

  17. Jim Morman says:

    I’d like to discuss the imprinting sequence at the end of the movie.

  18. Lets discuss scenes in part 1 that people loved and scenes people really wanted to be in the film, but weren’t.

  19. I would like there to be a discussion about what scene/moment people feel is the most true to the book.

  20. Discuss the music choices from the film…

  21. I would love to know Which actor/actress is the favorite among Twihards and why? Can I just say I always liked Billy Black (Jacob’s dad) because he breeds an air of authority and conviction!

  22. I want to know why Muse wasn’t on the soundtrack. So disappointing:( But every movie should start off with a shirtless Taylor Lautner.

  23. Discuss Bella transformation into a vampire and what scenes we believe will make it to part 2…

  24. Bella’s transformation 🙂 @marysolsm

  25. Crystal L says:

    i want to discuss the wedding and the birth scene! Also i’m sad that there was no deleted scenes or a Rob and Kristen commentary on the DVD

  26. In response to the film, i would like to discuss what Bella went through dealing with love, marriage, pregnancy & then death. She finally got to marry Edward and experience a honeymoon with a vampire that she live through it as a mortal until the next best unexpected thing that happens to her and the one person she wants to support her was not happy about it.

  27. I want to know whether the party will be on Wednesday Feb 8 or Thursday Feb 9, because it certainly won’t be on Thurs Feb 8. hehe

  28. I would like to discuss the wedding, the birth, the honeymoon, scenes that we think should have been in the movie, our expectations for Breaking Dawn Part 2, how the characters have matured, Edward and Bella’s reactions to her pregnancy, how the wolves looked, which scene was the most like the book, deleted scenes, the new characters, the songs, and what each character had to go through mentally and physically because of the wedding and the pregnancy.

  29. I would like to hear what you thought about the scene where you hear the wolves talking.

  30. I would like to discuss why they deleated so many important quality scenes that also are explained in the last book (Bella’s Book) in Breaking Dawn. Like the scene in which Jacob throws food into Rosalie’s hair, I believe Bella recalls that once the transformation is done and she starts to remember things. I also would like to discuss how they choose the songs for the parts they are featured in the movie and if they listened to the lyrics to take in the feeling of the setting. I think I would most lovely like to discuss the feelings of all the wolves when all of this was happening including why they did not discuss Leah and Jacob’s discussion more in depth like the book is and how even Edward wished that even Jacob would be a better choice to have her have his kids. So many favorite parts that were left out and would love to be disscussed about.

  31. I’d like to discuss Bella’s new role as a mother. Her thoughts on protecting her child, and what it would be like to raise a little vampire? Will be tweeting @ForestofWishes Can’t wait! 🙂

  32. Stephanie Cull says:

    I would like to discuss why Edward wasn’t with Bella the morning after on the first night of their Honeymoon. I think this was a fabulous scene and it was well missed by myself and maybe others? Also I would have liked to see more of the actual Honeymoon itself.

  33. Let’s be honest here, we all want to talk about the honeymoon 🙂 and the wedding! My favorite part of the movie

  34. I’d want to know sequentially why there are certain scenes that were left out, and what the thought process behind the soundtrack choices were. I love the soundtrack, but I want to know how they connected on a few. As well, the wedding reception, and lack of showing Rosalie.

  35. Chelsea Moore says:

    I would like to dicuss why the jokes from Jacob that was aimed at Rosalie wasn’t in the movie. Also Baby Renessme. It was kinda disappointing she didn’t look like nothing (except the eyes) the book described. Other than that I would love to talk about the imprinting scene and Bella’s transformation scene. I loved how they done them…

  36. rachel mcmahon says:

    I would like to know, now that after the pt 1 DVD is out we only have one left, what does everyone want to see for features on the final DVD?

  37. Colleen S. says:

    It would be really neat to talk about what we did for the premier of BD part 1. I bet some Twi-hards out there have some really interesting stories!

  38. I would love to discuss with the people who think the movie isn’t great… Because I think it is! I think it is the best Twilight-movie till now!

  39. breaking dawn is the most funnyest movie ever .

    bella is soo cute ass she was a vampire.

    jake is so cute when he was dancing with bella.


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