Breaking Dawn Part 2 Clip To Be Shown At Target

Here’s one more incentive to pre-order your copy of Breaking Dawn Part 1 from Target: you can also see the first official clip of Breaking Dawn Part 2!  Select Target stores across the country will be holding DVD release parties on Feb. 10.  Fans can pick up their tickets at guests services starting at 9 pm and the party will begin at 11 pm.  They also have a complete shopping list of Twilight related supplies from water bottles to jewelry.

See the full details at  Thanks to Strictly Robsten for the heads up.


  1. i really want a copy of breaking dawn pt.1 cuz i havnt seen it yt….

  2. Im sooo gng to Target jajaja, there’s a location super close to my house 🙂 can’t waiit just a few more weeks…

  3. Emma Cullen Guyan says:

    Dam I hate that I live in the UK sometimes I hope someone records it 🙁

  4. Looks like I may be picking up my copy at Target instead of Walmart this time. 🙂

  5. Dawn Bowers says:

    Give it by the next day Im sure someone will have posted it on you tube. I always get my movies from target but I wont be able to go out at midnight to get it. Boo…… But i will have it

  6. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    In truth, I wouldn’t get TOO excited about it, as most of what they will show will eventually be available for everybody to see at a possible later date.

  7. Is this clip of BD2 going to be on the BluRay/DVD and Target is just showing it before we get the disc home and are able to see it for ourselves?

  8. Now does this mean in order to see the clip of part 2, you have to attend an event or is the clip on the dvd sold at target????!!!

  9. Omg! But I’m confused? Do you HAVE to pre order or can u go there and buy it…and the tickets you get from the guest services are those for free

  10. SilverTongueDevil says:

    My target isn’t participating but I’m not overly worried. I’m sure the same thing they show will be “leaked” online shortly after or formally released days later. Not worth losing sleep when I have to go to work on a Saturday.

  11. I’m super stoked! My local Target here in Hawaii is participating! Woooohoooooo! I’m totally there. And it’s the day after my birthday so it’ll be a present to myself. I already pre-ordered the Target Breaking Dawn pt. 1 set but I usually get multiples so I don’t miss any features. I LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Twilight Lexicon: Can you give us the scoop on retailer exclusive version and what special features each will have. Target will have its exclusive version & Walmart with have theirs, etc.

    Can we also put in a comment about how retailer exclusive versions are a rip-off for the fans and only benefit the studio & the retailers??? If the fans want to see ALL the special features they have to buy EVERY version out there which just equals more money for the big box retailers…

  13. Catherine says:

    I can’t decide what to get! The one disc DVD comes with a prop flower from the set, but the other one comes with a separate disc of special features…I can’t figure out which I’d rather have…I’m thinking the special features…I wish the flower came in all of them.

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