Authentic Stephenie Meyer Signed Books Up For Auction

book-stackLast year Stephenie participated in an event called Save the Book Babe. It was to raise money for her friend and a leader in the children’s and YA book world, Faith Hochhalter.  Faith was striken with breast cancer and had no insurance. Stephenie and other authors rallied for an event to fund raise for Faith. The good news is Faith is doing better, and we are going to have an interview with one of the authors from that event whose wife and child became Twilight fans after his involvement.

During the event, participants were able to get books signed by Stephenie, which is difficult because she hasn’t had a sigining since Breaking Dawn came out in 2008.

Well there are left over books from the event and the organizers of Save the Book Babe have told us that Stephenie asked if her items could be auctioned off to benefit the Susan G. Kolman fund (a leader in supporting breast cancer research).

So, if you want a guaranteed authentic signed Twilight Saga book and want to support a super charity, head on over to Ebay!

Stephenie Meyer signed Twilight

Stephenie Meyer signed Eclipse

Project Book Babe Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t forget the items up for bid on Project Book Babe. the first three are over today!

Stephenie Meyer signed tote bag.

Stephenie Meyer signed Twilight audiobook.

Stephenie Meyer teez and jewelry gift basket

A signed Twilight Saga Collection (box and books)

Please support this great cause!

Project Book Babe Still Going Strong

There are more Stephenie Meyer items up for bid this week as part of Project Book Babe.

Stephenie Meyer signed tote bag.

Stephenie Meyer signed Twilight audiobook.

Stephenie Meyer teez and jewelry gift basket

Please support this great cause!

Rare Stephenie Meyer Items For Auction

Two authentic and extremely rare Stephenie Meyer items are up for auction. It’s all part of project Book Babe.

The first is a Twilight Saga boxset with every book and the box signed. The box set didn’t come out until almost Christmas, and there are very, very few authentic autographed versions of this. So if you want a genuine autograph on all books plus the case, this is the way to go.

The next is a signed Japanese set of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. In Japan the novels are broken into three parts and have artwork. In other words Stephenie signed all nine books. Honestly we don’t thing this exists anywhere else in the world. To the best of our knowledge absolutely no one owns a legitimate Stephenie Meyer signed complete Japanese series.

Book Babe Wrap Up Final Part

When last I left all of you, I was in a deep funk over having lost Stephenie’s dress and had a bruised rear end from my cell phone. 🙂  Seriously though, it was a great time, and the best came next.

Be My Escape, Dano, Nena and I were in the platinum seating ( I was not flying to Phoenix for 24 hours and not having platinum seating plus Faith is way worth it.) so we got to attend a reception afterwords with the authors. We got this huge bag of books that the authors’ publishing companies had donated in a Twilight Saga messenger bag. (thank you Little Brown!) We also got a fabulous poster signed by the authors there.

Now next to Stephenie the person I most wanted to meet was Shannon Hale. One word: Austenland. Yes, folks, blame it on Alphie again. She’s the one who got me hooked on Shannon, and she’s probably a bigger fan than me, and she wasn’t there. So I waited to talk with Shannon and when I got up to the front of the line I said, “Hi, I’m one of the people who runs the Twilight Lexicon and my friend Lori who runs it with me got me hooked on your books. Could you sign this for her?” I then handed her a copy of Book of a Thousand Days. The next thing I know Shannon Hale gets out of her chair reaches over the table and says, “You run the Twilight Lexicon, can I have a hug?” I said sure, mumbled something really inarticulate from shock at being hugged by Shannon Hale, and smiled a lot.

Next I went over to J. S. Lewis’ table and asked him to sign a copy of his book. Seriously, this man is the nicest person in the world and has a great sense of humor. He totally rocked keeping the flow of the day going and was a genius during the auction.  He also didn’t tease me too badly when he realized I was from New Jersey.

Last but not least we went over to Stephenie’s table where she personalized a copy of Breaking Dawn for me for a friend that lives in the UK. In our group people were asking about the filming.  Stephenie couldn’t say too much, but she assured us that the wolf pack was very hot, and very up to the task. So no worries on the wolf pack, guys!

So finally the event was over and our very jet lagged and in my case stun gunned (AKA my phone) group headed out to the parking lot when what did we stumble on but a Twilight car.

It was totally decked out and even had purple under lights. The DVD player in it was of course loaded with Twilight and Paramore was playing on the radio.

For other excellent coverage please see Shannon’s blog! All the pictures but the car were from her site. Also see the Phoenix New Times.

Also check out the online auction.

Project Book Babe Wrap Up Part 1

Hi All,

It’s Pel here. I’m going to write this one up in first person because I don’t think it will come out right otherwise. So here goes.

After massive plane delays I finally landed in Phoenix, AZ an met up with Be My Escape 6 hours after I was supposed to be there. I landed at 11:30 Arizona time which was 2:30am as far as my body was concerned. So after checking into our hotel we slept in before meeting up with Danobanano, Nena Cullen (our awesome photographer and videographer), Alice Whitlock, and a few others.  Not being co-ordinated at all and being tired, I dropped my cell phone in the parking lot and it hasn’t been right since. That day it turned into a quasi taser/stun gun it would zap me on vibrate for no apparent reason and then ring and no one was there. So I totally apologize to the couple of people I gave my number to, I wasn’t ignoring you, I was getting random messages at best (This actually comes into play later) and I have a bruise from being zapped.

So after standing in line the incredibly organized crew of volunteers (hat’s off guys) had people checking in  in groups of 30 or so.  I met up with Kara from Twilight moms and we staged a “dress throwdown” photo. Seriously, dress aside, we do actually like each other on only live a few miles apart. I also met a ton of Lexiconers *waves hi* I can only remember the name of one person because I was so tired, and the only reason I remember her name is because it’s the same as my own, so shout out to Laura.  I also met one of the people from the very cool Cullen Boys Blog. I also met, really quickly, Allison from Twifans.

So, before the author panel started there were two warm up bands both were really great. Then Faith, who the event was being done for, came out and thanked everyone. We’ve said it before, but Faith(click for video) is one classy lady, and a person who without asking had a bevy of authors from different genres and different publishing houses, who had never met each other before, volunteer to do this event. Please, on a personal note, if you can even give just a dollar and forgo a cup of morning coffee, it’s going to a great cause.

Next up Shannon Hale of The Princess Academy and Austenland fame acted as emcee along with J.S. Lewis of the Grey Griffins series. They were both hilarious. Seriously, they should do stand up. I’ve never read J.S. Lewis before, but I am now. If he’s half as hilarious in print as he was on stage than his books must be fantastic. They had everything from an Aretha Franklin number sung by James A Owen with back up dancers Shannon Hale, JS Lewis, Laini Taylor(very pregnant), and Janette Rallison,  and appearances of Stephenie’s dress on the body of  Dean Lory escorted by PJ Haarsma(see video).

Now when it came time for the author panel to be introduced Shannon Hale remembered everything except one thing. It’s hilarious at around 2:40 when Shannon realizes what…er…who she actually forgot.

Stand by for more later when we describe the auction and the signing.

Save the Book Babe!

Hi All, Pel here. In just a few hours I am on my flight to Phoenix to attend the Project Book Babe event. If you are going to be there, post below so I know who to look for, come over and say hi.

I know economic times are tight right now, but I’m asking anyone who is in the Tempe area and who can afford the $25 admission to come down and support this event.  If it wasn’t for the encouragement of Faith and events like the Eclipse Prom, which Faith was instrumental in making happen, that captured the media eye, it would have been much tougher for Twilight to get to where it has today.

If you aren’t in the Tempe area, please make a donation (even if it’s $1.00 forgo a cup of coffee, a bag of chips, whatever is your usual treat) to this cause. If all the people who attended the Eclipse Prom two years ago donated $1.00, and if all the people who bought autographed merchandise from Changing Hands (that Faith used to co-ordinate) that amount of money raised would be quite staggering.

There is currently merchandise online that you can bid on from various authors to support this cause, and more merchandise will go up for bid in the coming weeks including items signed by Stephenie. There is also the fabulous tee shirt being done by Twilight Teez (Click their button in our side bar).

There are also items going up for bid at the event itself (have I mentioned a dress before?). There are at least three of us bidding on Stephenie’s E-Prom dress: Dano (Danyelle), Pel (Laura), Illumin8 (Kara from Twilight Moms).

When last we heard Kara was threatening to send Flying Monkeys after me, and now it seems she has her own bubble and wand! How in the heck am I supposed to compete with a legion of flying monkeys, a bubble, and now a wand?  I’m wondering if a pail of water will do any good, if nothing else it’s hard to bid if you are distracted and dripping wet! Watch out Kara, I want that dress!


There are a couple of Twilight and/or Stephenie Meyer related auctions coming up.

There is a hand-signed Twilight poster from the entire cast on eBay as a charity auction benefiting the Webster Elementary School. CLICK HERE

If you can’t be at the Save the Book Babe event this weekend, you can bid on merchandise right from your home.  According to the site organizers:

“Since there are so many items that have been donated they will be auctioned in groups of about ten at a time, every Monday and Thursday after 6 pm MST. We are using ebay and the active auction items will be listed in the sidebar on this website. Items will be listed for one week! Check back each Monday and Thursday for new items.”

Now aside from Pel bidding on a Prom Dress (have we mentioned the prom dress?) they have added a new item to the onsite auction.  Items that belong to Stephenie that are going up for live bid that day are:

Forever Dawn Epilogue

The Host Manuscript

Eclipse Manuscript

Twilight Arc

Lunch with Stephenie

And now a Host Themed Skateboard:

According to Stephenie’s site:

“Hobo Skate Co. established early in 2009 by Jared Hancock and Chad Swensen is a premier skateboard and apparel company that donates 5% of all revenue to the Hobo Foundation. This foundation provides financial and other resources to the homeless. You can find them at”