Save the Book Babe!

Hi All, Pel here. In just a few hours I am on my flight to Phoenix to attend the Project Book Babe event. If you are going to be there, post below so I know who to look for, come over and say hi.

I know economic times are tight right now, but I’m asking anyone who is in the Tempe area and who can afford the $25 admission to come down and support this event.ย  If it wasn’t for the encouragement of Faith and events like the Eclipse Prom, which Faith was instrumental in making happen, that captured the media eye, it would have been much tougher for Twilight to get to where it has today.

If you aren’t in the Tempe area, please make a donation (even if it’s $1.00 forgo a cup of coffee, a bag of chips, whatever is your usual treat) to this cause. If all the people who attended the Eclipse Prom two years ago donated $1.00, and if all the people who bought autographed merchandise from Changing Hands (that Faith used to co-ordinate) that amount of money raised would be quite staggering.

There is currently merchandise online that you can bid on from various authors to support this cause, and more merchandise will go up for bid in the coming weeks including items signed by Stephenie. There is also the fabulous tee shirt being done by Twilight Teez (Click their button in our side bar).

There are also items going up for bid at the event itself (have I mentioned a dress before?). There are at least three of us bidding on Stephenie’s E-Prom dress: Dano (Danyelle), Pel (Laura), Illumin8 (Kara from Twilight Moms).

When last we heard Kara was threatening to send Flying Monkeys after me, and now it seems she has her own bubble and wand! How in the heck am I supposed to compete with a legion of flying monkeys, a bubble, and now a wand?ย  I’m wondering if a pail of water will do any good, if nothing else it’s hard to bid if you are distracted and dripping wet! Watch out Kara, I want that dress!


  1. Water? Hel-lo I’m the good witch- note the bubble???
    Don’t worry i’ll bring my waterproof Amex!! I can’t wait to see me in that dress…..

  2. I will be there! Would love to meet ya.

  3. twilightgurl77 says

    I’m going to be there! I can’t wait!

  4. Pel! I will be there! Let’s meet!

  5. Pel,
    I’ll be there, and I’ll be wearing little ruby red slippers clicking them together chanting “there’s no place like home for that dress than on me!”

    Kara haven’t you seen Wicked? Glenda is a wolf in sheeps clothing!

  6. Courtney Barr says

    Hey! I will be flying in a few minutes from Alabama to phoenix! I cannot wait! I am ready to watch the war of the prom dress!

  7. Mahriah Schmidt says

    I live in Tempe & really wanna go, but I do not have either a debit/credit card to purchase a ticket online. Can you get them at the door?

  8. Good look in getting the dress Pel. I think the bucket of water might work. ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. I’ll see you there and can’t wait to watch the dress showdown!

  10. Elizabeth says

    Hi! I am gonna be at the event. I am a gold member and I plan on getting there early to try and get the best seat possible in that area!! I am soooooooo excited. I hope to maybe get to meet you all and say Hi!!

  11. PrincessKimmy says

    I would love to come…I REALLY want the Forever Dawn manuscript and would wage a war over that one. But alas, I am at home with a broken ankle, crutches and a gigantic boot hampering my way. I will have to console myself by making an online donation to help the Book Babe. I know she can pull through. Good luck with the dress!

  12. Silly Lexicon… everyone knows that’s just a myth!

    “Do you hear that – water will melt her?! People are so empty-headed, they’ll believe anything!” -Fiyero in Wicked

    … oh! and just to clear up another false myth… Kara’s amex card DOES in fact sparkle in the sun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have fun in the desert sun for me you guys!!!

  13. I’ll be at the event!! Tempe is only a 20 minute drive from my house so I’ll definitely go. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. My flight is currently delayed. I’ll be landing in AZ in the wee hours of the morning. I’ll be the really sleepy one.

  15. Tanya Lin says

    Hey! Me and two of the girls from my SM Book Club will be there tomorrow, that is if we don’t get lost. Albuquerque isn’t that far…

  16. Sara Jenkins says

    Hey what should one wear to this? Not sure if we should dress up or casual….. thanks!!

  17. I will be attending!!! My friend and I flew from Seattle this morning and enjoyed a LOVELY day in the sun. I also don’t know what to wear….we have some VERY tasteful handmade Twilight Shirts but don’t know if it will be appropriate?

  18. I hope you get your dress!

  19. I’ll be there! I will be in a shirt that says EVEREAD on it and so will my darling mother. My baby boy will have his “book baby” tee on! If you see us, say hi!

  20. Figures that someone awesome would come out of my homestate and do an awesome event in my homecity 2 miles away from my house…AFTER I move to LA. What I wouldn’t give to have the time to drive home tonight.

    Then again, I really can’t complain, since I do live in LA now and there’s always cool stuff happening here. I still wish that cool stuff like this could’ve happened when I was still living at home though. It’s the hometown pride thing.

  21. Elizabeth says

    I was wondering what to wear also. I didnt know if I should wear one of my Twilight shirts or not…

  22. I’ll be there! ๐Ÿ™‚ My sister and I will be sitting near the front. I’m the girl with longish brown hair and black glasses frames (and I’ll probably be wearing my Alice choker as well, haha). I’m excited to see how the bidding war over the dress turns out… And I may be bidding on a few things myself. We’ll see. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (I won’t be bidding on the dress, though! Sounds like that will be crazy enough, without me jumping into the fray. :D)

    To anyone who still wants to get tickets: you do need a credit card or a Paypal account to buy them, unfortunately. It says on the site that you can’t buy any at the door, just online. And I’m not sure what the dress code is, but I would guess it’s pretty casual? I didn’t see anything about dressing up on the web site, anyway.

  23. Should we all just weat our Twilight shirts….and then no one will stick out?? There is nothing on the website that gives a hint as to dress code!

  24. You can wear whatever won’t get you arrested in public! I’m wearing a brown tank top and grey jeans.


  25. twilightgurl77 says

    What time is everyone getting there?

  26. Sara Jenkins says

    We are leaving Phoenix about 12:30, should be there by 1:15. Can’t wait!!!!!!

  27. silverbells says


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