There are a couple of Twilight and/or Stephenie Meyer related auctions coming up.

There is a hand-signed Twilight poster from the entire cast on eBay as a charity auction benefiting the Webster Elementary School. CLICK HERE

If you can’t be at the Save the Book Babe event this weekend, you can bid on merchandise right from your home.  According to the site organizers:

“Since there are so many items that have been donated they will be auctioned in groups of about ten at a time, every Monday and Thursday after 6 pm MST. We are using ebay and the active auction items will be listed in the sidebar on this website. Items will be listed for one week! Check back each Monday and Thursday for new items.”

Now aside from Pel bidding on a Prom Dress (have we mentioned the prom dress?) they have added a new item to the onsite auction.  Items that belong to Stephenie that are going up for live bid that day are:

Forever Dawn Epilogue

The Host Manuscript

Eclipse Manuscript

Twilight Arc

Lunch with Stephenie

And now a Host Themed Skateboard:

According to Stephenie’s site:

“Hobo Skate Co. established early in 2009 by Jared Hancock and Chad Swensen is a premier skateboard and apparel company that donates 5% of all revenue to the Hobo Foundation. This foundation provides financial and other resources to the homeless. You can find them at”


  1. OME! you guys! the new layout is SO pretty!! <3’s it!

  2. Gothhic Goddess says

    I am so going to cry at what the price already is for that poster. Sigh.

  3. @ Gothhic….ditto


    not all twilighter have that much money…

  4. I agree with Gothhic goddess, the poster is already up to over 300 dollars!! It also comes with other memorability too, but man thats insane that people are bidding so high for a poster signed by just the main cast members and Catherine. Someone must really want that poster to pay that much for it.

  5. NuttyNetty says

    oh wow! i LOVE The Host themed skateboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! _< cuase that would be AWWWEEESSSOOOOMMMEEE

  6. OMG!!! i want to go to lunch with Stephenie!!!! But i think i would be too nervous and ruin it!!!

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