Project Book Babe Wrap Up Part 1

Hi All,

It’s Pel here. I’m going to write this one up in first person because I don’t think it will come out right otherwise. So here goes.

After massive plane delays I finally landed in Phoenix, AZ an met up with Be My Escape 6 hours after I was supposed to be there. I landed at 11:30 Arizona time which was 2:30am as far as my body was concerned. So after checking into our hotel we slept in before meeting up with Danobanano, Nena Cullen (our awesome photographer and videographer), Alice Whitlock, and a few others.  Not being co-ordinated at all and being tired, I dropped my cell phone in the parking lot and it hasn’t been right since. That day it turned into a quasi taser/stun gun it would zap me on vibrate for no apparent reason and then ring and no one was there. So I totally apologize to the couple of people I gave my number to, I wasn’t ignoring you, I was getting random messages at best (This actually comes into play later) and I have a bruise from being zapped.

So after standing in line the incredibly organized crew of volunteers (hat’s off guys) had people checking in  in groups of 30 or so.  I met up with Kara from Twilight moms and we staged a “dress throwdown” photo. Seriously, dress aside, we do actually like each other on only live a few miles apart. I also met a ton of Lexiconers *waves hi* I can only remember the name of one person because I was so tired, and the only reason I remember her name is because it’s the same as my own, so shout out to Laura.  I also met one of the people from the very cool Cullen Boys Blog. I also met, really quickly, Allison from Twifans.

So, before the author panel started there were two warm up bands both were really great. Then Faith, who the event was being done for, came out and thanked everyone. We’ve said it before, but Faith(click for video) is one classy lady, and a person who without asking had a bevy of authors from different genres and different publishing houses, who had never met each other before, volunteer to do this event. Please, on a personal note, if you can even give just a dollar and forgo a cup of morning coffee, it’s going to a great cause.

Next up Shannon Hale of The Princess Academy and Austenland fame acted as emcee along with J.S. Lewis of the Grey Griffins series. They were both hilarious. Seriously, they should do stand up. I’ve never read J.S. Lewis before, but I am now. If he’s half as hilarious in print as he was on stage than his books must be fantastic. They had everything from an Aretha Franklin number sung by James A Owen with back up dancers Shannon Hale, JS Lewis, Laini Taylor(very pregnant), and Janette Rallison,  and appearances of Stephenie’s dress on the body of  Dean Lory escorted by PJ Haarsma(see video).

Now when it came time for the author panel to be introduced Shannon Hale remembered everything except one thing. It’s hilarious at around 2:40 when Shannon realizes what…er…who she actually forgot.

Stand by for more later when we describe the auction and the signing.


  1. Sorry we didn’t get to chat longer i was running for my dress!!!

  2. Hahaha! She forgot Stphenie! Oh my!


  3. Newmoonlover says

    this was cute. thanks for sharing!

  4. Hahaha! That’s hilarious!

  5. I’ve been waiting to hear how the event went on the weekend!

  6. Chloe Cullen says

    Thanks for posting this! I REALLY wanted to go to the event, but I took my ACT that morning and then didn’t have enough time or money to make it to Arizona after that 😛 Being able to see what happened makes me feel a little better though!! Haha.

  7. Hi! This is the Laura that you remembered, thanks for the shoutout. It was VERY fun, my friend and I who flew from Seattle enjoyed every bit of the afternoon. I actually got to sneak onstage when things where wrapping up for a quick pic with Stephenie…best moment of my LIFE!! I was wondering if I could get a link a picture of the shirt I was wearing. The back had felt, alibaster sparkling arms. I realized I didn’t have my friend snap a pic of me wearing it at the event and one of the lexicon ppl took a shot of it. It was great to meet you in person, thanks for taking the time to say hello!!

  8. At 4:00 the people laughing sound like chickens clucking while on acid.

  9. Great video!
    “We don’t even need her do we?”
    Haha can’t wait to hear more. (:

  10. Sounds like it was some event! Sorry I missed it, I’d have loved have been in attendance but I’m all the way across the country on the land of Cape Cod!
    You may have mentioned this several times before, but if we wish to make a donation to the
    “book babe” how would one do so?
    I’m keeping Faith in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks! 😉

  11. who got the dress?

  12. That’s great! I got a little tidbit from Dano. I can’t wait to hear more. I’m very excited to hear who got the dress and the Forever Dawn manuscript and if it was someone we know. 😉

    How was the reception with the authors? Did you get to spend a lot of time with them?

  13. Yay! I’m so glad you got video of the event. I was one of the lucky people at the reception afterwards, and it was fantastic. I know you’ll describe it in a future post, so I won’t go into detail, but seeing Stephenie in person and talking to her (even if it was only for a minute or so) was absolutely incredible.

    Also, can I just say that ALL of the authors were completely hilarious and awesome? Seriously, I’m so excited to read their books! They were such nice people… James A. Owen even drew a picture in every book he personalized for the reception, which was pretty amazing to me.

    As for who got the dress, I won’t give that away, since I know you guys will be posting about that. 😉

    P.S. Hi to Pel, by the way! I was the girl in glasses who came running up to you on your way to the parking lot and asked for a picture! Thanks for humoring me. It was great to see you there. 🙂

  14. I want to thank all of Stephenie’s fans who attended our event and truly helped to make it a huge success. You guys(girls) are awesome! Thank you.

    PJ Haarsma


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