Book Babe Wrap Up Final Part

When last I left all of you, I was in a deep funk over having lost Stephenie’s dress and had a bruised rear end from my cell phone. 🙂  Seriously though, it was a great time, and the best came next.

Be My Escape, Dano, Nena and I were in the platinum seating ( I was not flying to Phoenix for 24 hours and not having platinum seating plus Faith is way worth it.) so we got to attend a reception afterwords with the authors. We got this huge bag of books that the authors’ publishing companies had donated in a Twilight Saga messenger bag. (thank you Little Brown!) We also got a fabulous poster signed by the authors there.

Now next to Stephenie the person I most wanted to meet was Shannon Hale. One word: Austenland. Yes, folks, blame it on Alphie again. She’s the one who got me hooked on Shannon, and she’s probably a bigger fan than me, and she wasn’t there. So I waited to talk with Shannon and when I got up to the front of the line I said, “Hi, I’m one of the people who runs the Twilight Lexicon and my friend Lori who runs it with me got me hooked on your books. Could you sign this for her?” I then handed her a copy of Book of a Thousand Days. The next thing I know Shannon Hale gets out of her chair reaches over the table and says, “You run the Twilight Lexicon, can I have a hug?” I said sure, mumbled something really inarticulate from shock at being hugged by Shannon Hale, and smiled a lot.

Next I went over to J. S. Lewis’ table and asked him to sign a copy of his book. Seriously, this man is the nicest person in the world and has a great sense of humor. He totally rocked keeping the flow of the day going and was a genius during the auction.  He also didn’t tease me too badly when he realized I was from New Jersey.

Last but not least we went over to Stephenie’s table where she personalized a copy of Breaking Dawn for me for a friend that lives in the UK. In our group people were asking about the filming.  Stephenie couldn’t say too much, but she assured us that the wolf pack was very hot, and very up to the task. So no worries on the wolf pack, guys!

So finally the event was over and our very jet lagged and in my case stun gunned (AKA my phone) group headed out to the parking lot when what did we stumble on but a Twilight car.

It was totally decked out and even had purple under lights. The DVD player in it was of course loaded with Twilight and Paramore was playing on the radio.

For other excellent coverage please see Shannon’s blog! All the pictures but the car were from her site. Also see the Phoenix New Times.

Also check out the online auction.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the adventure! Hope your tasered but gets better soon =P

    Do you know/remember what the quotes were on the car bonnet?

  2. Chloe Cullen says:

    Thanks so much for posting about Project Book Babe!! Oh mannnn I’m SOOO JEALOUS haha. It sounds like it was AMAZING.

  3. ” He also didn’t tease me too badly when he realized I was from New Jersey.”

    What’s so bad about Jersey? :O

    lol ^__^ It sounds fun!

  4. Liliana says:

    Thanks for posting about Project Book Babe 😀

  5. Liliana says:

    The car is cool 😉 Nice picture 😀

  6. that sounds like an awesome day! but i would like to add that under lights as you call then is really called under glow… i’m really sorry but i’m as into cars as i am Twilight…

  7. Wow project book babe was so much fun Diana, Tanya Julie and me had such a blast we did the road trip to be a part of the experience, the Authors, Artists and musicians were amazing, funny and the most down to earth people, not to mention the fans united by the chance to see S. Meyers and be part of a worth while cause helping the wonderful book babe who is an inspiration to so many. We drove my car and were overwhelmed with the joy of watching fans hug and kiss the cars hood for there love of Stephenie’s vampires not to mention the camera phone pictures. We left with so much autographed goodies and so many more memories from the event Thanks Project Book babe! The Stephenie Meyers Red bucket book club in Albuquerque thanks you from the bottom of are hearts. We also look forward to seeing many of the people we met at the upcoming conventions in Pheonix and Dallas go fans united!!!
    The Quotes were from Twilight of course Edwards “You dont Know how long Ive waited for you” plus “Sick Masochistic Lion” and Bellas “I dream about being with you forever” and “Stupid Lamb”

  8. Jules here of course I love Stephenie Meyers and her Twilight series like so many out there say “I am the Biggest Fan” don’t disagree they’ve got it right “I am”! I’ve read the series several times over, I attend book club in ABQ, weekly (1 hr. away). My Aunts car is Twilighted out, and for the midnight DVD release- we party hopped/drove, managing to score many special exclusive only copies, wining trivia contests and games.
    I’ve heard Crack is addicting Edward even referred to Bella’s blood being like a drug to him well that’s what Twilight series is for me! Yet I don’t want to throw myself in front of my aunt’s car like a drug addict actually did recently in a lame effort to collect insurance or the quick pay off, after he had already done it twice in the same day in front of not one but two buses, obviously the man was desperate and only ended up in the back of the police cruiser. He’s lucky he wasn’t killed especially if you see my aunt drive, but regardless I’m 11, even though I’m one of six brothers I don’t think my mom would appreciate me going to such measures. Even if it spelled a much needed vacation for her.

    My mom did get to attend the project book babe event in Phoenix this due to her vampire like don’t sleep at night police guard ability which made her the perfect designated driver for my aunt Rachel, Tanya (Who’s got an actual character named after her Stephenie rocks) and Diana, it was very strange to me watching them drive away without me a sort of tare happened in my chest, even though I new they couldn’t fit more than 4 in that sports car for a long road trip, with the ominous ground effect lights on and their Twilight Tees reflecting with a glow due to the interior black lights while both DVD players were showing Twilight again and the Sound of new moons audio book could be heard due to the constant dissecting of what will and wont be in the movie this Nov. 20th, was painful for me. I new they were leaving for a good cause but being left behind always hurts just ask Bella.

    “So please don’t discriminate against me like Seventeen magazine first I wasn’t at least 13 years old and I’m a boy so I don’t meet the criteria. “Ripped again must hold myself together in a Swan type move”. I turned to write to you and your show which is way cooler”! I was trying to win the trip to the Twicon convention in Dallas and I’m trying to save up money for the one in Phoenix but it’s hard being only 11 not to many people hire you since it’s illegal and all plus foreign countries don’t pay well, I’ve been using my allowance to buy things like gum though and then selling it to desperate kids for a $1 a stick even to my own brother mom wasn’t so happy about that, even though I think he just wants to help me in my time of need, and selling the gum is really doing a public service it helps get rid of the dreaded cafeteria onion breath, This may make me seem like a ruthless heart of stone credit card company that charges way to much interest! However I’m desperate, my classmates have needs, and there’s really isn’t allot of options for me. It’s up to you Ellen can you help me and answer my pleas!

    I don’t think I’d be able to take down another apple bungee opponent they’d probably just pick me up on there back and get all the apples in a new Ellen shows record time so if you can help, help but rescue me soon before I slip to far from the cliff into dark desperate criminal acts, hey speaking of maybe we could feed your audience some onion pizza and then sell them gum sticks split the profit and make the conventions with book club and then experience the Nov. 20 release of New Moon like true business partners. Ellen can you see I need you like Edward needed Bella to save him from the Volturi your the only one with the power. PS-I’m the smallest boy in the picture the one who’s missing his personal Baseball jersey due to a ordering error well at least I had the baseball hat with A C for Cullen. They named me Seth due to my age but I’m okay with that he’s the smart nice Wolf who likes the Cullens and whose name matches Steps bro the one who should be thanked daily for Stephs. Web page. To all you Twilight fans good luck with your 1500 characters to Ellen Degeneres , wouldn’t it be Awesome if she bottled us all up as her special Audience for her exclusive Ellen with the cast of New Moon show a boy can dream and that’s why books are AwesomeOOH, just like Steph, Ellen and Lexicon!

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