Chicago Sun Times interview young cast members

The Chicago Sun Times interviewed Jodelle Ferland, Boo Boo Stewart, and Tyson Houseman recently about being added to the cast for Eclipse.  (Even though Tyson was seen in New Moon, he didn’t really get to be a part of the action until Eclipse.)  The Sun Times got target audience members to actually supply the questions.

Q. Have you read the whole Twilight series?

JODELLE: I’ve read all four of the books, and I absolutely love them. I really, really like Stephenie’s writing.

TYSON: I read them all after I got the part.

BOOBOO: I thought I might get an audition for the film, so I started reading the books. … I wanted to go in extremely prepared, you know?

Read the whole interview here.

Q & A With Dan Cudmore, Booboo Stewart, and Alex Meraz: Italy Convention

The guys were having the best time at the Italy convention. You can totally see in this photo montage how they think of Booboo as a little brother. Team coverage from us and Kimmy of His Golden Eyes.

Booboo Stewart 1950’s Inspired Photoshoot

This just in from Inspire Magazine:

“Booboo Stewart shot the June and July cover for Inspire Magazine back in February. Running back in time to the 1950s, Inspire
transformed the “Twilight” hunk into a replication of James Dean. Leather jackets, hot cars, and an actor that is to die for, girls will be going crazy for Booboo’s new look. With the bad-boy look and an innocent smile, Booboo is going to be immortal. “The only greatness for man is immortality,” said James Dean.

Inspire is releasing the first look into behind-the-scenes of the ultimate photo shoot of the year. No longer is vintage just vintage, it’s sexier too. The issue hits the website ( on June 4, 2010 where an interview and feature will be published. Video of the shoot will premiere later this month.”

On The Red Carpet: Interviews With Booboo Stewart and Charlie Bewley

Via TwiFans

Twilight Stars Go Young Hollywood


Last night various Twilight stars won awards and were on hand at the Young Hollywood Awards sponsored by Nylon Magazine.

Nikki Reed was honored as Superstar in the Making. Ashely Greene was honored as a style icon.

Booboo Stewart At Every Monday Matters

Booboo covers everything from fashion, to school programs, to new projects at the Every Monday Matters charity event.

On The Red Carpet Interviews Booboo Stewart

On the Red Carpet snagged Booboo at the Nightmare on Elm Street premiere. Video at this link.

About.Com: Best Booboo Stewart Interview To Date


We’ve seen a lot of Booboo Stewart interviews over the past months, but this one actually gets some decent information out of Booboo. Via Team BoobooSeth

Booboo Stewart on the Red carpet With Ed Magik TV

How did the Twilight Stars Spend Easter/Passover?

Here’s a bit of a retrospective of what various Twilight stars did over Easter.

beachPeter Facinelli took his family on a well deserved rest to an undisclosed tropical location. Peter Tweeted, “The Easter Bunny left Carribean quarters in their plastic eggs My daughter asked what the exchange rate was.”

Here’s to Peter and family having great quality time together.


Booboo Stewart and his sister Fivel volunteered at a soup kitchen in Los Angeles that will receive a donation if you accroding to Booboo’s Tweet,  “Hey if you text MEALS to 40579 to donate $5.00 to LA MissionThanks for the support ask your parents first haha.”


Jodelle Ferland asked for suggestions from her Twitter followers on what she should do with her Easter eggs and she did an Eclispe one.

And Edi Gathegi went to the dogs.