Booboo Stewart Interviewed By Team Booboo Seth

The fansite Team Booboo Seth interviewed Booboo (we’ve just discovered that we have been spelling his name wrong for months. It’s one word.) Also of note, in the background at the table is Booboo’s dad, Nils. The person who sucker punched Booboo must have had a death wish, Nils is HUGE and Booboo is a martial arts expert. Team Booboo Seth was also on hand when the punching incident took place an have their report here. Their interview of Booboo is below.

Boo Boo Stewart Signing Has Unfortunate End

Yesterday Boo Boo Stewart did a fan signing in the Richmond Mall in Vancouver Cananda for fans(see above). All went well until (we are assuming it was Boo Boo) got sucker punched. According to the Mammarazzi1 twitter (the twitter run by Boo Boo’s mom for her kids, Boo Boo and Fivel)”hey its a bummer that someone thought itd be cool to sucker punch me chased him down held him until police came no biggie had a great time” and then in response to a local entertainment photographer who covered the event “thanks, had a great time even though i got punched, it all ended up ok, i’m ok thanks to everyone.” At first we weren’t clear whether the person who was attacked was Boo Boo or his mom, but sentiment seems to indicate that it was Boo Boo (who happens to be incredibly skilled in marital arts). The motive and mental well-being of the attacker is unconfirmed, but clearly they’ve never seen the size of Boo Boo’s dad.

Shift the Power to the People: Twilight Artists Raise Awareness of Reservation in Need

Gil Birmingham, Chaske Spencer, Julia Jones, Boo Stewart, and Justin Chon all appear in this PSA that is trying to raise awareness of the devastating plight of those on the Lakota Sioux, South Dakota Reservation. Theirs is an interesting approach as you’ll see in the video. They don’t need your money; what they need is for you to pick up the phone and call your congressperson or write to them.

According to the Shift the Power to the People website:

South Dakota’s Lakota Sioux- Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe 2010 Crisis

  • February 1st, 2010 Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe has declared state of emergency after severe ice storm devastates reservation
  • Storm topples more than 3000 power poles
  • 13,000 people without power, heat and water”

You can find full details on how this situation came to be here, and there is an easy contact your congressperson connection here.

Boo Boo Stewart Hollywire Interview

Win a Pair of Sneakers Designed by Boo Boo Stewart

You have to be under 21 to enter this contest being held over at J-14.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star BooBoo Stewart designed a really rad pair of sneaks — and we’ve got two pairs for lucky fashionistas!”

Check out the details here.

Boo Boo Stewart: Wrestling Fan

According to TNA Wrestling Boo Boo Stewart is about to be write a wrestling column.

“We are excited to have Booboo aboard as he is said to be the next big thing and is also a huge fan of professional wrestling.

Since he was 3, Booboo has always been one who loves action as he began training in karate and several years later, he and his two of his sisters (Maegan and Fivel) went on to be inducted in to the Jr. Black Belt Hall of Fame as well as all three winning World championships in all Divisions two successive years.

Booboo found his love for wrestling when at the age of 5 he would accompany his father, former pro wrestler Nils Stewart, to a wrestling training center in Mission Viejo, CA. He was doing backdrops off the ropes by the age of 6.”

Check it out on TNA Wrestling.

Boo Boo Stewart’s CSI Episode is Scheduled for January

Boo Boo Tweeted about being on CSI and later this picture surfaced.

The episode press release has just come out.

Boo Boo Stewart Talks to Clever TV About Eclipse

Boo Boo Stewart Reaching Out

Boo Boo states why he’s at the variety Power of Youth event. It was also attended by Kiowa Gordon.

Boo Boo Stewart Lunchbox Magazine Shoot