On The Red Carpet: Interviews With Booboo Stewart and Charlie Bewley

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  1. Just so you know – Charlie Beweley called Eclipse a “corker” not a “gawker”. It’s a very English expression.

  2. so then, what’s a “corker”?

    • It’s just like an expression for saying something’s amazing.
      I know some English lingo is a bit strange but he definitely didn’t say ‘gawker’, I don’t think somehow that he’d describe Eclipse as being someone that stares stupidly!

    • A corker is something very special…almost one of a kind. It’s quite an old school English expression.

  3. There’s Boo Boo again with his sister. How old is he? Even Dakota was trusted to do interviews alone when she was younger. We never saw people babysitting her.

  4. Monica Russo says:


  5. switzy4ever14 says:

    soryr to be off subject, but does anyone know if the oprah on tonight at ten (mountain time) is a repeat of the twilight episode?

    thanks in advance.

    <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  6. i’m a gawker…when i see Charlie haha =P
    sorry, stupid moment.

  7. Roxanne says:

    Hey Myra just so you know Boo’s sister Fivel is 13 and he is 16 thus she is not babysitting him, he is just a big family person and they are extremely close, maybe you should do a tad bit of research or know a couple facts before you go saying your opinions and sounding uneducated on the topic.

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