Countdown to Breaking Dawn: Which Twilight Star Has Breakout Potential

BooBoo-as-Seth-218x300Laura’s latest column is up at This week she looks at which stars have breakout potential. Check out and see if your favorites matched up.

“The first three movies certainly shot Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson into the stratosphere, and Taylor Lautner joined them once his role increased starting with The Twilight Saga: New Moon. So does The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 have the potential to showcase anyone? Consider the first part of the novel Breaking Dawn. Two characters leap to the forefront as major players: Seth and Leah Clearwater. Seth has that endearing, boy-next-door quality, and Leah is every fan’s favorite, female bad-ass. Assuming page time equals proportionate screen time, Booboo Stewart as Seth and Julia Jones as Leah have the potential to get to that next level…

On the other hand there are other actors who are Twilight Saga connected from the previous films whose careers are really starting to take off. Rather than just go with what my ideas were, I decided to put out a call on Twitter and ask some of my fellow fans and fan site operators from around the globe what their thoughts were. Overwhelmingly, it came down to three people: Anna Kendrick, Jamie Campbell-Bower, and Kellan Lutz.”

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Robert Pattinson Heading to the BAFTA’s As a Presenter? The Ads Certainly Suggest The Possibility

Unlike the Golden Globes and the OSCARS that do weeks of PR for their awards including name dropping presenters at regularly scheduled intervals, the BAFTA’s are more low-key. You discover who is presenting maybe days before. The show airs on February 13th.

Here’s who we think is likely to be there from the Twilight cast in a presenting role assuming Breaking Dawn filming allows:

Robert Pattinson: As a UK Robert Pattinson site points out his face is splashed all over their promotional ads in the London Tube and in their TV adverts. He presented last year and with Water for Elephants, Bel Ami, and Breaking Dawn coming out this year he’s a big attraction. Also given his age, it’s a way to get younger viewers to tune in.

Kristen Stewart: Last year she won the Rising Star Award. It’s a bit of a tradition for the previous year’s winner to present the statue to the current year’s winner. See video below.

Michael Sheen: He’s producing a Passion Play for his hometown in Wales, Port Talbot. In the fall he’s slated to do Hamlet at the Old Vic, and then there are all the mega-hits he’s in from Alice in Wonderland to Tron to Breaking Dawn and then the smaller films like Midnight in Paris that’s currently in production.  He’s practically the poster boy for local Welsh Boy Makes Good.

Long shot: Jamie Campbell-Bower is making a name for himself starring as King Arthur in the upcoming Camelot. He’s also in the final Harry Potter movies. We’re actually wondering if Jamie might appear as a future Rising Star nominee.

Anna Kendrick: She was there last year for Up in the Air. She’s also a bit of an anglophile following UK shows like The X-Factor where she made a guest appearance this season.

Where to Spot Twilight Stars in Awards Shows in 2011

It’s Awards Season, and the People’s Choice Awards just kicked things off last night.  Here is a list on where you can expect to see Twilight cast members in the near future.

Golden Globe Awards: Robert Pattinson has been tapped as a presenter, no idea for what, but he’s on the list of those attending. According to the official site , “The show once again will be broadcast nationwide live on NBC, in HD, Sunday, January 16, 2011 from 5:00-8:00 (PST)/8:00-11:00 (EST) from the Beverly Hilton Hotel. ” Expect more presenters to be announced as we get closer to the show.

BAFTA Awards (AKA the British Academy Film and Television Awards). Last year Kristen Stewart won their Rising Star Award. It’s traditional for the previous year’s winner to present the trophy to this year’s winner. It hasn’t been officially announced(BAFTAs tend not to announce their presenters, but the info kind of leaks out) , but look for Kristen to make an appearance.  They also tend to try for the brightest stars from the UK to present on the show. Look for Robert Pattinson (who presented an award last year) and Michael Sheen as strong candidates for presenters. Another BAFTA possibility is Welcome to the Riley’s director, Jake Scott, getting nominated in the Outstanding Debut of a British Writer, Director, or Producer category. The show takes place February 13th, look for award nominees to be announced on January 18th.

The Oscars last year Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner co-presented as part of producer Adam Shankman’s efforts to youthenize the show and make it more fun.  With a film like Water for Elephants (that is getting early buzz as 2012 contender) coming out next year that co-star OSCAR winners Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson might end up as a co-presenter. Another one to look out for is last year’s nominee Anna Kendrick to be tapped as a presenter. The show airs February 27th, and nominees will be announced on January 25th.

These are just the awards in the winter. Once Spring and Summer hit we enter the MTV award season: VMA’s, Movie Awards, etc. You know there will be a heavy cast presence there beyond the trio of Robert Kristen and Taylor.

Anna Kendrick Supports Anti-Bullying Campaign

Anna Kendrick Does LCD Project With MTV

The folks at MTV sent over this press release on a new venture that they have going with Anna Kendrick.

The creators of the seminal cinema and pop culture magazine MEAN (Music. Entertainment. Art. News.) bring you the launch of a brand new, ground breaking series of music videos featuring A-list talent, entitled “Supervideo.” MTV announced that it will be presenting this exciting project, which utilizes top celebrities of film, television and pop-culture and captures the spirit and excitement of the must-see music video that has been synonymous with MTV. Each “Supervideo” will tap buzzworthy music, filmmakers and talent in a high voltage expression of art and music.

“Supervideo” will give unique filmmakers the opportunity and artistic license to create a multitude of music video formats: short form narrative, montage, animation, abstract, and others, to the rhythm and beat of today’s most exciting music.

Starting off with a bang is “Supervideo: LCD f/Kendrick,” combining the diverse talents of Training Day creator David Ayer, Academy Award nominated actress Anna Kendrick, and the music of the Grammy-nominated critical and fan favorites LCD Soundsystem. The song, “Pow Pow,” from LCD’s current album This Is Happening was used as inspiration for the narrative of the ethereally enveloped atmosphere with Anna Kendrick portraying a deity, “collecting the souls of wicked men.”

David Gale, who ran MTV’s feature film division for over a decade and is now Executive VP of MTV New Media, said “this series taps into all the passions that MTV has celebrated over the years: movies, celebrities, cool filmmakers and, of course, music. We are particularly excited that MEAN has brought these elements together to create a signature new project launching with one of our favorite writer-directors, David Ayer, and two of this generation’s signature artists (Kendrick and LCD Soundsystem).“

MEAN creator, Kashy Khaledi, adds “This is a tremendous opportunity for creative minds, from all walks, to converge on a heralded art form – the music video. The lines in media have been blurred, and ultimately, the notion of compartmentalizing genres of music and film is a thing of the past. With Supervideo, you’ll see an invariably diverse collaboration of creatives that aim to offer something truly SUPER to the masses.”

Anna Kendrick: 7 Things I Can’t Live Without

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Anna Kendrick: What She Geeks Out About

Key info is at the 1:50 mark or so.

Anna Kendrick On Movies IE

Anna talks about Scott Pilgrim and the whirlwind that her life has been the last three years.

Interview Magazine: Anna Kendrick, Scott Pilgrim, Comic Con, and Twilight

Interview Magazine has a feature with Anna Kendrick:

BANKOFF: How does the movie look, exactly?

KENDRICK: I mean you know the film is really tight, and it’s really fast editing, so it’s a lot of little shots and it’s just a really like specific way of working because, you know, Edgar [Wright] basically knows that he’s going to use this angle for this line, and that angle for that line, and you shoot it in pieces, like a puzzle. So instead of like shooting an entire scene at a couple of different angles and figuring it out after, you shoot almost line-by-line sometimes. So that was really unusual.

BANKOFF: Did you prepare for that in a specific way, or did you just have to learn it as you were doing it?

KENDRICK: Yeah, it was a trial-by-fire thing. A lot of what I end up liking to do is a reaction to the last thing that I did. I guess the point for me is to try new things.

BANKOFF: Twilight: Eclipse came out earlier this summer. Are those releases extra stressful for you, because they’re so high-profile?

KENDRICK: Now I know what I’m doing, so it’s easier. With any other movie, you’re entering new territory, so it’s quite different to be involved in something where it’s the same characters, and the same people. You know what to expect out of the premieres and the press and stuff. So it’s actually kind of nice, because you don’t get very much routine in this job, and it’s actually sort of interesting. It’s like an annual party or something.

BANKOFF: Have you guys started doing any work on filming…?

KENDRICK: On Breaking Dawn? I know nothing. I literally know nothing.

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MTV Quizzes Anna Kendrick on Twilight and Lord of the Rings

We forgive any mistakes Anna made because of this AWESOME comment she made yesterday!